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Updated the Palette section of the 'Discover Pixen' tutorial

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<!DOCTYPE html>
- <title>Welcome to Pixen | The Palette</title>
+ <title>Welcome to Pixen | Color Palettes</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" />
- <h2>The Palette</h2>
+ <h2>Color Palettes</h2>
<img class="left shadow" src="Palette.png" alt="Color Palettes in Pixen" />
- <p>Pixen's color palette is important to the creation of low and high-color sprite art alike. For the former, it will allow you to manage and change the colors you're using; for the latter, the palette lets you pick colors from predefined schemes to compose your images.</p>
- <p>Of course, you can pick colors from the normal Mac OS X color pickers, but Pixen also allows you to create and use lists of common colors. What's more, when you modify colors in an open document's palette, the image itself changes accordingly.</p>
- <p>To make a color active, simply click it. To change a color, drag a replacement color on top of it.</p>
- <p>The palette is filled with great features; to learn more, consult Pixen's help pages.</p>
+ <p>Pixen's color palettes are important to the creation of low- and high-color pixel art alike. They make it easy to create and manage predefined schemes of colors that can be reused across documents.</p>
+ <p>To get started, open the color panel by clicking on the color well in the tools palette. Switch to the <strong>Pixen Colors</strong> tab (on the far right).</p>
+ <p>Here, you can create and organize palettes of common colors, import palettes of various formats, and even detach palettes into their own panels. To make a color active, simply click on it. To change a color, drag a replacement color on top of it.</p>
+ <p>Document windows also contain a color frequency palette. When you modify its colors, the image changes accordingly.</p>
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