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Group variables in Unity 3d inspector with style!
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Group variables in Unity 3d inspector with style!

How to use

Put attribute before variable and you are done !

  public class Player : MonoBehaviour
	[Foldout("Setup")] public Transform selfTransform;
	[Foldout("Data")] public int HP;
	[Foldout("Data")] public int AT;

You don't need to write [Foldout] attribute each time! Instead, you can add "true" bool check afther naming to put all properties to the specified group

  public class Player : MonoBehaviour
	[Foldout("DATA OBJECT", true)] 
	public int hp;
	public int attack = 20;
	private GameObject self;
	[Foldout("DATA ATTACK")] 
	public int AT;

Other content

  • Tag filters - an extension to add foldable groups to the inspector.
  • ACTORS - Unity3d data-driven framework I'm currently working on.
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