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@PixeyeHQ PixeyeHQ released this Dec 8, 2018

  • Group events changed:
    Add instead Added
    Remove instead Removed
  • Factory workflow changed. Added Default Factory Singleton
  • New methods included in Framework Extensions:
    Every - to iterate variables each x steps ( frames )
    Plus, Minus - to calculate values with a clamp to min/max size.
	if ((cReload.timer = cReload.timer.Minus(delta)) == 0)
		cWeapon.clip = cWeapon.weapon.clipSize;
  • Tags moved from common folder to [1]Source
  • ComponentRelease and ProcessingRelease added. These scripts control entity destroying flow.
    If you need to destroy entity use

If entity is an actor use

  • Several components can be taken from the entity by once
           // example 
            ComponentMotion cMotion;
            ComponentPlayer cPlayer;
            ComponentView   cView;
            if (entity.Get(out cMotion, out cPlayer, out cView))
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