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== Welcome to the Pixie Demo Project! 

Here you will learn the basics to get started.

Hit "Run" to run your game at any time. Make changes to your files then run again.

Hit "Publish" to publish the current version of your game to PixieEngine.

== Description of Contents

The default directory structure of a PixieEngine game:

  |-- lib
  |-- src
  |   |--
  |   `-- (class files)
  |-- test
  |-- Documentation
  |-- README
  `-- pixie.json

  Holds all the libraries that your game uses. `gamelib` has all the basics and 
  must be included first. `browserlib` has some utilities that are required to run the
  game in a browser. `extralib` has some useful add-on tools for handling animations
  and tilemaps.

  The source for your game. This should contain a `main` file which is what runs when
  your game begins. All the files for objects in your game, like players and walls, will
  reside here as well.

  Here you can have code that tests your libraries and objects to make sure that they
  behave correctly.

  This gives you a reference where you can look up all the availble classes and methods.

  This file, feel free to change it to whatever you want developers to know about your game.

  This contains additional data about your game that uses to render it and
  link what libraries you use.

      "author": "STRd6",
      "name": "PixieDemo",
      "libs": {
        "00_gamelib.js": "",
        "browserlib.js": "",
        "extralib.js": ""
      "directories": {
        "lib": "lib",
        "source": "src",
        "test": "test"
      "width": 480,
      "height": 320

  You can set your app width and height here, though you'll probably need to reload the editor
  after saving for changes to take effect.

  pixie.json can also contain information that is used when publishing your game to various 
  other platforms such as Chrome Web Store, Windows Executable, iOS, or Xbox Live Arcade.