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A WebExtension that opens a random bookmark from a given folder.


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Random Bookmark From Folder

This WebExtension, made for Firefox, Chrome, & Edge, lets you select a bookmark folder and open a bookmark at random from it. It's made with an eye for customizability and good UX.

Get the stable version for Firefox or Chrome.

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Writing & testing Random Bookmark From Folder

This project has a build process that converts Svelte templates (*.svelte) and Sass files (*.scss) to JavaScript and CSS, and optimizes the whole project. With Node installed, run this command the first time you obtain this repo's files to fetch everything you need:

npm install

With that done, keep the following command running as you work. It'll generate a WebExtension-runnable folder.

npm run watch

And finally, to load the WebExtension-runnable folder in your browser:

If you'd like to do a one-off build without watching for file changes:

npm run build

And if you'd like to modify the build process, see Parcel's documentation.


A WebExtension that opens a random bookmark from a given folder.



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