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This is the website and website buider for Pixpipe.io.
At the root of this repository are all the pages generated by the core. The core is in the core folder and generates all the pages except the root index.html (which is static).

How to modify content?

Fork it, edit it, and make a PR.

The main page

The root index.html is just a static page. To modify it, just modify the html code in it.

The other pages

The other pages of the website are generated from markdown content, thus, their HTMLcontent should not be edited.

The folder core/content/ contains one subdirectory for each page to be generated. The name of this directory is (or will be) the url of this page. The folder with a name starting with a underscore will not be processed.

Each page subfolder contains:

  • a data folder, to put images and other assets
  • a config.json to add the template to use (most likely "generic") title, the subtitle and the header image to use
  • a content.md that contains the core of the article, written in markdown

To create a new page, you can copy-paste the _example-page, rename it with the url you want and change the data inside.

The Footer

The footer of the home page is simply part of the index.html file while the footer of the article pages is part of the template in core/templates/. Both look the same and have the same content but they are two different things to update.

Generate the static website

Once a modification is done:

$ cd core
# if not installed, do it:
$ npm install

$ npm run build

This will generate the static files at the root of the project and copy the data subfolders.