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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:itunes=""
<title>{{ site.title }}</title>
<link>{{ site.url }}</link>
<language>{{ site.lang }}</language>
<itunes:author>{{ }}</itunes:author>
<description>{{ }}</description>
<itunes:name>{{ }} ({{ site.title }})</itunes:name>
<itunes:email>{{ }}</itunes:email>
<itunes:image href="{{ site.image-url }}"/>
<itunes:category text="Education"/>
<itunes:category text="Science &amp; Medicine"/>
<itunes:category text="Technology"/>
<title>{{ site.title }}</title>
<link>{{ site.url }}</link>
<url>{{ site.image-url }}</url>
<atom:link href="{{ site.url }}/feed.xml" rel="self" type="application/rss+xml" />
<copyright>Frase com direitos reservados do site</copyright>
<itunes:keywords>Ciência de Dados, Data Science, Pizza de Dados, dados, data, Data Science Pizza, Python, DS, Machine Learning</itunes:keywords>
<webMaster> (Pizza de Dados)</webMaster>
{% for post in site.posts %}
<author>{{ }} ({{ site.title }})</author>
<title>{{ post.title | xml_escape }}</title>
<description>{{ post.description }}</description>
{% if post.podbean_url %}
<guid>{{ post.podbean_url }}</guid>
<link>{{ post.podbean_url }}</link>
{% else %}
<guid>{{ post.url | prepend: site.baseurl | prepend: site.url }}</guid>
<link>{{ post.url | prepend: site.baseurl | prepend: site.url }}</link>
{% endif %}
<pubDate>{{ | date_to_rfc822 }}</pubDate>
<itunes:duration>{{ post.duration }}</itunes:duration>
<itunes:keywords>{{ post.keywords }}</itunes:keywords>
<itunes:author>{{ }}</itunes:author>
<enclosure url="{{ post.mp3 }}" length="{{ post.length }}" type="audio/mpeg"/>
{% endfor %}
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