Satania IS the BEST waifu, no really, she is, if you don't believe me, this website will convince you
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Satania: The best Waifu. Ever.

This is a website for those who wanna praise Satania, you can actually browse it at

This repo is for the people interested in the code

Special Thanks to

  • All the translators which are normally credited in their respective translations (unless they didn't want to)
  • [LIMITED DAYS] for letting me use his song
  • /u/iRed_Panda for making the GIF of Satania dancing

Getting started

# Clone this repository
git clone # If you work with HTTPS
git clone     # If you work with SSH

# Install the dependencies
npm install   # For NPM users
yarn install  # For Yarn men of culture

# You can build a static version of the website, all the files go into `dist/`
npm run build # On NPM or
yarn build    # On Yarn

# You can also run a development server that automatically reloads when you change anything!
npm run serve # On NPM or
yarn serve    # On yarn

# Finally, use --production to create an optimised build
# that is smaller and more compatible, but takes way more time to generate
npm run build --production # On NPM or
yarn build --production    # On Yarn

# (also works with `serve`)


  • Go to, new buttons will appear on the top-left
  • Click on "Download" to get a copy of every string of text on the website
  • Use an IDE such as Notepad++ to edit the YAML file
  • Use the "Browse..." button on in translator mode to load your YAML file on the website to preview your changes locally
  • Once you're done, send your translation to Pizzacus#2884 on Discord, or to /u/pizzacus on Reddit
  • Or, if you know how to use GitHub (this step is optional), fork this project to your account, clone it to your computer, convert the YAML to JSON and add it to /app/assets/locale and add the option for it in the index.html file around line 128, then you can do a pull request


This Shitpost project is released under the SDL 1.0 License (the Satania Daiakuma License), which is basically like MIT, except you can't use this project to promote any other characters except Satania, more infos are in the file.

Yeah, I really thought of everything...