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Apr 26, 2015


This repository is a collection of remade Dota 2 Hero abilities for the use of the Dota2 modding community by the Dota2 modding community

If you have any questions regarding the project or if you have found a bug/issue with the spells then feel free to create an issue or contact us on irc

Forum thread

Progress so far

Contribution & Guidelines

If you wish to contribute to this project then it is prefered if you could follow the following guidelines when contributing

  • Lua scripts should be separated on a per hero basis

  • Use as many AbilitySpecials as possible, do not hardcode the lua file.

  • Don't use Global Lua Events, abilities should work without any main addon scripts.

  • Don't bother with completely dota-hardcoded interactions

  • Implementing Aghanims upgrades and casting animations is not neccessary

  • Implementing Refresher compatibility is recommended but not mandatory

  • Use default particles and sounds

  • If you find an ability that seems hard or impossible to rewrite, ask and document your attempts, others will help you

  • It is fine to use BMD's Timers and Physics libraries

  • KV abilities should be saved as abilityname_datadriven.txt inside scripts/npc/abilities/HERONAME/ folder

  • Lua abilities should be saved as abilityname_lua.txt inside scripts/npc/abilities/HERONAME/ folder

  • Lua scripts should be saved as abilityname.lua inside scripts/vscripts/heroes/hero_HERONAME/ folder

  • Every KV file should have this in its header(EXAMPLE)

// Author: AUTHORNAME - the name of the author or authors that created this ability
// Date: MONTHNAME DAY, YEAR(eg. February 12, 2016) - date on which the file was created or had modifications
// Version: eg. 6.86 - latest game version for which this ability is up to date
// Type: Datadriven, Lua or Datadriven/Lua - what kind of type this ability is
// Notes: write any notes regarding the ability such as particle incomplete, minor differences compared to the original ability, etc.
// List the file requirements if the ability requires other files to function
// ----- FILE REQUIREMENTS -----
// Script files:
// scripts/vscripts/heroes/hero_HERONAME/ABILITYNAME.lua
// KV files:
// scripts/npc/abilities/HERONAME/ABILITYNAME_datadriven.txt
// Unit files:
// scripts/npc/units/UNITNAME.txt
  • Follow this coding style:

For Datadriven KeyValues

        "ScriptFile"    "heroes/hero_name/ability_name.lua"
        "Function"      "AbilityName"

For Lua functions

    Date: Monthname Day, Year
function AbilityName( event )
    -- Variables
    local caster = event.caster
    local ability = event.ability
    local value = = ability:GetLevelSpecialValueFor( "value" , ability:GetLevel() - 1  )

    -- Try to comment each block of logical actions
    -- If the ability handle is not nil, print a message
    if ability then
  • Modifier Name conventions

    • Start with "modifier_"
    • Then add the spell name (no hero name)
    • Add "_buff" "_debuff" "_stun" or anything when appropiate

Recommended resources

Special Thanks

Noya for many of his tutorials

BMD for his libraries

Attero for his npc_abilities splitter

cris9696 for his files joiner

zedor for Custom Errors plugin

Myll for his Dota2ModKit tool


Repo for recreating the original dota skills




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