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EdgeSmooth is a plugin for 3dsmax which allows modelers to smooth models by defining edges as either "hard" of "soft". This is a more intuitive method than the standard smoothing groups. The plugin operates on top of the standard smoothing groups system: a "soft" edge means that the faces on that edge share a common smoothing group. When there are no shared smoothing groups, the edge is "hard".

Supported 3dsmax versions

The project contains build configurations for 3dsmax2010, 2011 and 2012; win32 and x64 platforms. It should also work with older 3dsmax versions, if you have the SDK. To add a new configuration, just create a copy of the max2010 config and adjust the SDK paths.
To build all versions in one go, run build_all.bat. You may need to adjust the paths to the 3dsmax SDK in the C++ and Linker settings.

Maxscript access

The main functions are exposed to maxscript through the EdgeSmooth interface:

<boolean> IsSoft <node>node <bitArray>edges  
<boolean> IsHard <node>node <bitArray>edges  
<boolean> CanApplyToSel ()  
<void>    Apply  <boolean>soften node:<node> edges:<bitArray>  


EdgeSmooth.Apply false $Sphere01 (polyop.getEdgeSelection $Sphere01)

See plugin/EdgeSmooth.h and tests/ for details and usage examples.


This project is licensed under the BSD license. For the complete license, see LICENSE.txt

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