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0.2.8 (hotfix)
* Fix: inline event handlers are ignored by everything except for the javascript context
0.2.7 (hotfix)
* Fix stylesheet loading
* Add: support for and document.cookie (Derek Lindahl)
* Add: jsdom.env now has a document configuation option which allows users to change the referer of the document (Derek Lindahl)
* Fix: allow users to use different jsdom levels in the same process (sinegar)
* Fix: removeAttributeNS no longer has a return value (Jason Davies)
* Add: support for encoding/decoding all html entities from html4/5 (papandreou)
* Add: jsdom.env() accepts the same features object seen in jsdom.jsdom and friends
* Fix: serialize special characters in Element.innerHTML/Element.attributes like a grade A browser (Jason Priestley)
* Fix: ensure Element.getElementById only returns elements that are attached to the document
* Fix: ensure an Element's id is updated when changing the nodeValue of the 'id' attribute (Felix Gnass)
* Add: stacktrace to error reporter (Josh Marshall)
* Fix: events now bubble up to the window (Jason Davies)
* Add: initial window.location.hash support (Josh Marshall)
* Add: Node#insertBefore should do nothing when both params are the same node (Jason Davies)
* Add: fixes for DOMAttrModified mutation events (Felix Gnass)
* Fix: adding script to invalid/incomplete dom (document.documentElement) now catches the error and passes it in the `.env` callback (Gregory Tomlinson)
* Cleanup: trigger and html tests
* Add: support for inline event handlers (ie: <div onclick='some.horrible.string()'>) (Brian McDaniel)
* Fix: script loading over https (Brian McDaniel) #280
* Add: using style.setProperty updates the style attribute (Jimmy Mabey).
* Add: invalid markup is reported as an error and attached to the associated element and document
* Fix: crash when setChild() failes to create new DOM element (John Hurliman)
* Added test for issue #287.
* Added support for inline event handlers.
* Moved frame tests to test/window/frame.js and cleaned up formatting.
* Moved script execution tests to test/window/script.js.
* Fix a crash when setChild() fails to create a new DOM element
* Override CSSOM to update style attribute
* Fix: segfault due to window being garbage collected prematurely
NOTE: you must manually close the window to free memory (window.close())
* Switch to Contextify to manage the window's script execution.
* Fix: allow nodelists to have a length of 0 and toArray to return an empty array
* Fix: style serialization; issues #230 and #259
* Fix: Incomplete DOCTYPE causes JavaScript error
* Fix: indentation, removed outdated debug code and trailing whitespace.
* Prevent JavaScript error when parsing incomplete <!DOCTYPE>. Closes #259.
* Adding a test from brianmcd that ensures that setTimeout callbacks execute in the context of the window
* Fixes issue 250: make document.parentWindow===window work
* Added test to ensure that timer callbacks execute in the window context.
* Fixes 2 issues in ResourceQueue
* Make frame/iframe load/process scripts if the parent has the features enabled
* Javascript execution fixes [#248, #163, #179]
* XPath (Yonathan and Daniel Cassidy)
* Start of cssom integration (Yonathan)
* Conversion of tests to nodeunit! (Martin Davis)
* Added sizzle tests, only failing 3/15
* Set the title node's textContent rather than its innerHTML [#242]. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
* The textContent getter now walks the DOM and extract the text properly. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
* Empty scripts won't cause jsdom.env to hang [#172] (Karuna Sagar)
* Every document has either a body or a frameset [#82]. (Karuna Sagar)
* Added the ability to grab a level by string + feature. ie: jsdom.level(2, 'html') (Aria Stewart)
* Cleaned up htmlencoding and fixed character (de)entification [#147, #177] (Andreas Lind Petersen)
* htmlencoding.HTMLDecode: Fixed decoding of `&lt;`, `&gt;`, `&amp;`, and `&apos;`. Closes #147 and #177. ()
* Require dom level as a string or object. (Aria Stewart)
* JS errors ar triggered on the script element, not document. (Yonathan)
* Added configuration property 'headers' for HTTP request headers. (antonj)
* Attr.specified is readonly - Karuna Sagar
* Removed return value from setAttributeNS() [#207] (Karuna Sagar)
* Pass the correct script filename to runInContext. (robin)
* Add http referrer support for the download() function. (Robin)
* First attempt at fixing the horrible memory leak via window.stopTimers() (d-ash)
* Use vm instead of evals binding (d-ash)
* Add a way to set the encoding of the jsdom.env html request.
* Fixed various typos/lint problems (d-ash)
* The first parameter download is now the object returned by URL.parse(). (Robin)
* Fixed serialization of elements with a style attribute.
* Added src config option to jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
* Removed dead code from getNamedItemNS() (Karuna Sagar)
* Changes to language/javascript so jsdom would work on v0.5.0-pre (Gord Tanner)
* Correct spelling of "Hierarchy request error" (Daniel Cassidy)
* Node and Exception type constants are available in all levels. (Daniel Cassidy)
* Use \n instead of \r\n during serialization
* Fixed auto-insertion of body/html tags (Adrian Makowski)
* Adopt unowned nodes when added to the tree. (Aria Stewart)
* Fix the selected and defaultSelected fields of `option` element. - Yonathan
* Fix: EventTarget.getListeners() now returns a shallow copy so that listeners can be safely removed while an event is being dispatched. (Felix Gnass)
* Added removeEventListener() to DOMWindow (Felix Gnass)
* Added the ability to pre-load scripts for jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
* Mutation event tests/fixes (Felix Gnass)
* Changed HTML serialization code to (optionally) pretty print while traversing the tree instead of doing a regexp-based postprocessing. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
* Relative and absolute urls now work as expected
* setNamedItem no longer sets Node.parentNode [#153] (Karuna Sagar)
* Added missing semicolon after entity name - Felix Gnass
* Added NodeList#indexOf implementation/tests (Karuna Sagar)
* now works correctly with https and redirects (waslogic)
* Scheme-less URLs default to the current protocol [#87] (Alexander Flatter)
* Simplification the prevSibling(), appendChild(), insertBefore() and replaceChild() code (Karuna Sagar)
* Javascript errors use core.Node.trigger (Alexander Flatter)
* Add core.Document.trigger in level1/core and level2/events; Make DOMWindow.console use it (Alexander Flatter)
* Resource resolver fixes (Alexander Flatter)
* Fix serialization of doctypes with new lines [#148] (Karuna Sagar)
* Child nodes are calculated immediately instead of after .length is called [#169, #171, #176] (Karuna Sagar)
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