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A JavaScript library for working with Placekeys.

The source code for this library can be found here, and documentation for the Placekey service API can be found here. The Placekey design specification is available here. The details in Placekey encoding is here. We welcome your feedback.

To install:

npm install @placekey/placekey

Or with yarn:

yarn add @placekey/placekey


Note: Be careful to note that like the H3 API, the placekey-js API use latitude, longitude order.

Failure to account of this order when interoperating with other geospatial software is a common source of errors, for more information see lon lat lon lat.

import {geoToPlacekey} from '@placekey/placekey';
const [lat, long] = [0.0, 0.0];
geoToPlacekey(lat, long); // => '@dvt-smp-tvz';
import {placekeyToGeo} from '@placekey/placekey';
placekeyToGeo('@qjk-m7r-whq'); // => [-46.0033934397115, -155.09988163615031]
import {placekeyToH3} from '@placekey/placekey';
placekeyToH3('@dpr-6q6-73q'); // => '8a734e64992ffff'
import {h3ToPlacekey} from '@placekey/placekey';

An upper bound on the maximal distance in meters between two Placekeys based on the length of their shared prefix is provided by getPlacekeyPrefixDistanceDict().

  1: 12740000.0,
  2: 2777000.0,
  3: 1065000.0,
  4: 152400.0,
  5: 21770.0,
  6: 8227.0,
  7: 1176.0,
  8: 444.3,
  9: 63.47


To build and test:

yarn bootstrap # install and build
yarn test # run tests

To run benchmarks:

yarn bench

PRs should include tests and, if necessary, documentation updates. To make sure non-trivial PRs will be accepted, consider opening an issue first and describe the changes you want to make before completing the work.

License and Attribution

Provided as open source under the Apache 2 license.

The placekey-js JavaScript library is provided and maintained by Unfolded, Inc.