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A dumping ground for all my Datapacks
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This is where you can find all of my datapacks for 1.13 (and above hopefully). more to come

Click on the folder for the pack you want, download the latest version zipfile and enjoy.


Multiplayer Percentage Sleeping System

Set a percentage of players required to sleep. That way not everyone on the server has to be in a bed to pass the night.


Set unlimited homes in your world that you can teleport to and rename. No OP required, Multiplayer friendly.


Make players drop their own head when killed by another player


Allows players to have individual counters in the world.

Super Sponges

Adds super sponges into the world that remove all water (or lava, or whatever block you want) around them by quickly eating away at the water.



Collect every item in the game and bring it to a shrine. As seen in Hardcore Hermits S2.


Find and kill every mob in the game. As seen in Hardcore Hermits S3.

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