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""" Script to refresh comment thread IDs after updating the security token
pipenv run python3 /path/to/comments.db
import sys
import app
import sqlite3
import re
from publ import model, entry
from pony import orm
db = sqlite3.connect(sys.argv[1])
def update_thread(tid, uri):
match = re.match(r'/[a-f0-9]{16}/([0-9]*)$', uri)
if not match:
entry_id = int(
record = model.Entry.get(id=entry_id)
if not record:
print("Couldn't find entry", entry_id)
e = entry.Entry(record)
new_uri = app.thread_id(e)
if new_uri != uri:
print(uri, '\t->', new_uri)
db.cursor().execute('UPDATE threads SET uri=?, title=? where id=?', (app.thread_id(e), record.title, tid))
for row in db.cursor().execute('SELECT id,uri FROM threads'):
tid, uri = row
update_thread(tid, uri)
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