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@@ -102,15 +102,14 @@ pushl -r -s http://alt-domain.e

### My setup

I use [`pipenv`]( to keep my Python environments separate. My initial setup looked something like this:
In my setup, I have `pushl` installed in my website's pipenv:

mkdir $HOME/pushl
cd $HOME/pushl
cd $HOME/
pipenv install pushl

and created this script as `$HOME/pushl/`:
and created this script as `$HOME/`:

@@ -125,15 +124,19 @@ else
flock -n run.lock $HOME/.local/bin/pipenv run pushl -rvvc cache \ \
flock -n run.lock $HOME/.local/bin/pipenv run pushl -rvvc $HOME/var/pushl \ \ \ \

Then I have a cron job:

*/5 * * * * $HOME/pushl/ quiet
*/5 * * * * $HOME/ quiet

which runs it every 5 minutes.

I also have a [git deployment hook]( for my website, and its final step (after restarting `gunicorn`) is to run ``, in case a maximum latency of 5 minutes just isn't fast enough.

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