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Contributing to PlanScore


PlanScore is a website, not a web app. Publish HTML and CSS, and include Javascript only in specific interactive contexts such as 50 state navigation or a score page.

Since our intended audience includes legislative staff potentially using older computers or mobile devices, site performance should follow Alex Russell’s guidance:

We set a budget in time of <= 5 seconds first-load Time-to-Interactive and <= 2s for subsequent loads. We constrain ourselves to a real-world baseline device + network configuration to measure progress. The default global baseline is a ~$200 Android device on a 400Kbps link with a 400ms round-trip-time (“RTT”). This translates into a budget of ~130-170KB of critical-path resources, depending on composition — the more JS you include, the smaller the bundle must be.


PlanScore may have numerous maintainers over time, so all decisions should be visibly recorded within Github using standard Github features. Use Projects, if applicable. Don’t commit directly to master, use a pull request.

Keep the local use instructions working so that future developers and maintainers can run PlanScore for development.