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Hypixel PHP

This is a PHP wrapper for the Hypixel Public API You can find Documentation and a Java implementation here:

Note that this version is VERY outdated and a lot of things will not work as intended.


  • PHP 7+
  • Hypixel API key


The preferred method of installing this library is with Composer by running the following from your project root:

$ composer require "plancke/hypixel-php=^1.0.10"

If you plan on using the mongo cache implementation you'll also need to require mongo, (suggested package)

I don't push a new version for every minor resource update. You can use $ composer require "plancke/hypixel-php=dev-master" to always download latest.


  • Add examples


To interact with the API you need an API key, you can get a key by doing "/api" on the Hypixel Network.

$HypixelPHP = new HypixelPHP('API_KEY');

// you can override modules, not required

Old Version

You can find the old 1 file version in the old branch.