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@flow-io @figure-io @validate-io @compute-io @distributions-io @scijs @dstructs @datasets-io @rand-io @stdlib-js
Axel Rauschmayer rauschma

2ality consulting München

Ionică Bizău IonicaBizau

Programmer, Geek, *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Learner, Mentor, Vegetarian, Jesus follower, Founder and CEO of @Bloggify

@Bloggify @cdnjs @nodejs Romania

Carson cpsievert

Iowa State University

Jeroen Janssens jeroenjanssens

Independent Data Science Consultant Amsterdam

Christopher Dambamuromo chrisdamba

Mathematician/MongoDB/JavaScript/Node.js/Machine Learning/Python/.NET C# SQL Server BI Developer/Aspiring Data Scientist

Travis Webb tjwebb

Founder of @langateam, maintainer of @trailsjs. I work with @yejodido, @ryanwilliamquinn, @mikehostetler, @wbprice, and many other talented developers.

@langateam Norfolk VA

Curiositry curiositry

OSS enthusiast/evangelist. I build “web stuff”, read big books, hotfix my own software, and poke at a typewriter in attempt to prove Infinite Monkey Theorem ⌨ Canada

Ivan Seidel ivanseidel

Tenda Digital Vitória, ES - Brasil

Ben Frederickson benfred

Flipboard Vancouver, BC

Lingxue Zhu lingxuez

PhD student in Statistics@CMU

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh

Patrick Mueller pmuellr Apex, NC

Michael Ermer MichaelErmer

CTO at @contactimpact

@contactimpact Regensburg (Germany)

Kreig Zimmerman kreig303

One of my email addresses is older than you. New Haven, CT, USA

Kendall Park KendallPark

Concordia Publishing House St. Louis, MO

Guillaume Mousnier Gmousse

Young DataScientist / Data Developer. I develop with python, R, JS (react + redux + d3). I work on web interfaces development, datamining, machine learning.

TimeOne Bordeaux

Seth Samuel sethsamuel

@airtimemedia United States

Matt Walters mateodelnorte

I make complex things simple. I also run the NYC Node.js Meetup ( and EmpireNode (!

New York

Paul Burt pgburt

Professional button pusher. Pizza makes me think anything is possible.

New York, NY

Jimmy Jia taion

I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.

@4Catalyzer New York

Anders Hoff inconvergent

Generative artist / Shepherd of random numbers

Oslo, Norway

Qian yang-qian

Ph.D. student in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh,PA,USA

Tierney Cyren bnb

Node, Code, JavaScript, & being !nondescript. @NodeSource Developer Advocate. @NodeTogether Community & Web. @nodejs Evangelism & Website WGs.

@NodeSource Little Falls, NY

Yandong Liu yandongliu

software developer

Uber San Francisco

Michael Kühnel mischah

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Father of two ✨ Loves Open Source ✨ Team @bullgit ✨ @yeoman core team member ✨ @webmontagKs Orga ✨ Working for @micromata ✨

Micromata GmbH Kassel, Germany

Dennis Schwartz DennisSchwartz Cambridge, United Kingdom

Kenan Sulayman KenanSulayman

Lead engineer at Auctionata, infrastructure architect and Tor exit node operator.

Auctionata / PsychonautWiki Berlin, Germany

Howard Seltman hseltman

CMU Department of Statistics Pittsburgh, PA USA

Marek Gagolewski gagolews

Researcher in Data Aggregation, Fusion, and Mining. Data and Computer Scientist.

Warsaw, Poland

Lam Kee Wei lamkeewei

Singapore Management University Singapore

ashley williams ashleygwilliams

a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. human, @npm. @nodejs board of directors. founder, @NodeTogether. sometimes i write @rust-lang.

@npm NYC