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CRootBox became CPlantBox

CRootBox is not longer developed, it grew into CPlantBox.

CPlantBox is fully backward compatible CRootBox, offering a RootSystem only class, but can additionally simulate the plant shoot and leafs, enabeling even more complex functional plant models.

For the a description of the root system modelling please refer to tutorial/latex/RootBox.


The fastest way to try CRootBox is to read the tutorial and look at the examples in C++ or Python.

For C++ just uncomment the desired example in the examples/main.cpp file, compile and run it.

cmake .
cd examples && ./test_crootbox

cmake . runs CMake which configures the CRootBox libraries. make builds the libraries and the C++ example. cd examples && ./test_crootbox runs the example.

Folder sructure

/docs CRootbox website
/examples Some C++ examples how to use the CRootBox
/external External libraries
/modelparameter Some root parameter, and plant parameter files
/python Python examples
/results Nice result images
/scripts Pyhthon scripts for visualization with Paraview, and Matlab scripts for parameter export
/src CRootBox C++ codes
/test Test
/tutorial CRootbox tutorial


Create the documentation by running doxygen in the folder $ doxygen doxy_config

The documentation should now be located in the folder /doc

Python bindings

A Python library is automatically built by CMake if Python 3 and boost-python is installed on your system.


Please cite one or all of the following papers if you make use of CRootBox in your publication.

Andrea Schnepf, Daniel Leitner, Magdalena Landl, Guillaume Lobet, Trung Hieu Mai, Shehan Morandage, Cheng Sheng, Mirjam Zörner, Jan Vanderborght, Harry Vereecken; CRootBox: a structural–functional modelling framework for root systems, Annals of Botany, Volume 121, Issue 5, 18 April 2018, Pages 1033–1053,

STATISTICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF THE ROOT SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE MODEL CROOTBOX Andrea Schnepf; Katrin Huber; Magdalena Landl; Félicien Meunier; Lukas Petrich; Volker Schmidt doi: 10.2136/vzj2017.12.0212; Date posted: May 04, 2018