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Example client's code for work with identification API in various languages
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python Add example of asynchronous identification Mar 10, 2020 Fix the possible meaning ambiguity Mar 23, 2020 offers a plant identification service based on machine learning. Once you obtain the API key, you can use these client's code to speed-up the development of your implementation. API v2


See our documentation for the full reference.

Simple Python example

import base64
import requests

# encode image to base64
with open("unknown_plant.jpg", "rb") as file:
    images = [base64.b64encode("ascii")]

your_api_key = "fd3slj47dj... -- ask for one: --"
json_data = {
    "images": images,
    "modifiers": ["similar_images"],
    "plant_details": ["common_names", "url", "wiki_description", "taxonomy"]

response =
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Api-Key": your_api_key

for suggestion in response["suggestions"]:
    print(suggestion["plant_name"])    # Taraxacum officinale
    print(suggestion["plant_details"]["common_names"])    # ["Dandelion"]
    print(suggestion["plant_details"]["url"])    #

More examples

Don't know how to code? Try the online demo.

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