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Thran edited this page Mar 16, 2020 · 4 revisions API v2 Documentation offers a plant identification service based on machine learning. Once you obtain the API key, you can try our example code to speed-up the development of your implementation.

API description provides JSON REST API. Basic usage of the API is through POST and GET requests with Content-Type application/json. The POST requests usually contain your data in following format:

    "str_param": "value",
    "int_param": 123,

In this format images are decoded as base64 strings. As alternative you can send your data with Content-Type multipart/form-data. In that case, images are send as files and your parameters as JSON string in the field data.


For authentication you need personal api_key (request one here).

The easiest way how to authenticate is to include Api-Key header with your api_key. For more authentication methods see Authentication.

API requests

There are two options how to send identification request - synchronously or asynchronously.

Synchronous identification

Asynchronous identification

Usage info

Delete identification

(Un)confirm suggestion

API v1 documentation [DEPRECATED]

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