Simple command line script to upload blobs to Azure Blob Storage
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Simple command line script to upload, download and manage blobs in Windows Azure Blob Storage.


BlobUtility.exe -k AccessKey -a AccountName -c ContainerName -s UploadThisFile.txt -d SomeFolder/SaveAsThis.txt -t text/plain

You may also change the Default Service (API) Version using this utility:

BlobUtility.exe -k AccessKey -a AccountName -c ContainerName --setDefaultServiceVersion 2012-02-12

You may want to leverage this tool for other national cloud, for example China Azure. Please specify "--env" to "China Azure" or "Mooncake":

BlobUtility.exe -k AccessKey -a AccountName -c ContainerName -e "China Azure" --setDefaultServiceVersion 2012-02-12

See for a list of API Versions.


BlobUtility 1.0.0
Copyright © Andrew Armstrong 2012

  -k, --key                     Required. Blob storage Access Key.

  -a, --account                 Required. Blob storage Account Name.

  -c, --container               Required. Blob storage Container Name.

  -s, --source                  Specifies the local files/directories to

  -d, --destination             Specifies the destination filename/directory to
                                upload to.

  -e, --env						Specify Cloud Environment. Default is Global Azure.
								Set to "China Azure" for Mooncake".

  -f, --force                   Force overwrite of any existing blobs.

  -t, --contenttype             Specifies the file content type.

  --contentencoding             Specifies the file content encoding.

  --contentlanguage             Specifies the file content language.

  --cachecontrol                Specifies the file cache control.

  --brief                       Show minimal backup progress log information.

  --getDefaultServiceVersion    Display the current default Service (API)
                                Version for the storage service.

  --setDefaultServiceVersion    Change the default Service (API) Version for
                                the storage service.

  --help                        Display this help screen.