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Menus are used for navigation on the frontend. You can manage them (add, edit, and delete) from the backend using the :guilabel:`Content/Menus` section:


Each menu item has localized name, URL, and position. Position might be used to sort the menu items in the correct order:


After menu is created, you can display it on the frontend using the built-in MenuViewComponent class like this (the menu code is passed as the parameter to identify the menu we want to display):

As you can see, an additional CSS class might be applied using the corresponding optional parameter.

The menu will be displayed using the built-in views (_Menu and _MenuItem). The HTML elements have unique CSS classes (the BEM methodology is used), so it is easy to apply styles to them:

<div class="menu master-detail__menu">
  <div class="menu__items">
    <div class="menu__item menu__item--active">
      <a class="menu__item-name menu__item-name--active" href="/en/">Home</a>
    <div class="menu__item">
      <a class="menu__item-name" href="/en/about-me">About me</a>
    <div class="menu__item">
      <a class="menu__item-name" href="/en/contacts">Contacts</a>

If you want to change the HTML, just copy the views into your project and they will be used instead of the built-in ones, so you will be able to modify them as you want.