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Use as NuGet Packages

This is the most convenient way to use the Platformus. Compilation is fast, you can easily add your own classes (for example, to write custom implementations of the IEndpoint, IDataSource, or other interfaces). Also, you can update Platformus just using the NuGet Package Manager.

  1. Create an ASP.NET Core web application (or use an existing one):



  1. Open NuGet Package Manager and add dependencies on the following Platformus packages:


  • Platformus.Configurations.Backend;
  • Platformus.Configurations.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Designers.Backend;
  • Platformus.Domain.Api;
  • Platformus.Domain.Backend;
  • Platformus.Domain.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Domain.Frontend;
  • Platformus.FileManager.Backend;
  • Platformus.FileManager.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Forms.Backend;
  • Platformus.Forms.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Forms.Frontend;
  • Platformus.Globalization.Backend;
  • Platformus.Globalization.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Globalization.Frontend;
  • Platformus.Menus.Backend;
  • Platformus.Menus.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Menus.Frontend;
  • Platformus.Routing.Backend;
  • Platformus.Routing.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.Routing.Frontend;
  • Platformus.Security.Backend;
  • Platformus.Security.Data.EntityFramework.Sqlite;
  • Platformus.WebApplication.

Or you can add them manually by editing .csproj file of your web application project:

  1. Open your Startup class.

Add the services.AddPlatformus() extension method call inside the ConfigureServices method:

Add the StorageContextOptions options class configuration inside the ConfigureServices method in order to provide the connection string (of course, you should take it from the application settings):

Add the applicationBuilder.UsePlatformus() extension method call inside the Configure method:

Don’t forget to include the Platformus.WebApplication.Extensions namespace in order these extension methods to be resolved.

  1. Run your web application and navigate to /backend to configure Platformus.