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This repository contains source code for the following projects:

  • LocalMultiplayerAgent

An executable that mimics PlayFab Multiplayer Servers (MPS) operations to aid in local debugging. See PlayFab documentation - LocalMultiplayerAgent Overview to learn how to debug your game servers using LocalMultiplayerAgent. If you want to develop for Linux Containers on Windows, check out this document.

This repository replaces and deprecates the project in this GitHub repo. The executable produced by that project was called MockAgent. This has been renamed to LocalMultiplayerAgent for consistency.

  • AgentInterfaces and VmAgent.Core

These two helper libraries are used by LocalMultiplayerAgent and the production Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers service.

If you want to test your Linux game servers on Kubernetes, check out our new developer tool, thundernetes.


You need to have .NET Core installed and then just run ...

git clone
cd ./MpsAgent/LocalMultiplayerAgent 
# replace the LocalMultiplayerAgentPublishFolder with the folder of your choice
dotnet publish --runtime win-x64 -c Release -o LocalMultiplayerAgentPublishFolder -p:PublishSingleFile=true -p:PublishTrimmed=true --self-contained true
# you can read here about .NET publish CLI options


You can download the latest release of LocalMultiplayerAgent by navigating to the Releases section here.


We are more than happy to accept external contributions! If you want to propose a small code change to LocalMultiplayerAgent, feel free to open a Pull Request directly. If you plan to do a bigger change to LocalMultiplayerAgent, it would be better if you open an issue describing your proposed design in order to get feedback from project maintainers.

For AgentInterfaces and VmAgent.Core, we'd recommend to open an issue describing your proposal/idea. Since these projects are used by the service currently in production, we'd need to do additional validation and testing before accepting external contributions.

Furthermore, the YAML files (AgentInterfaces.yml, LocalMultiplayerAgent.yml, VmAgent.Core.yml) should not be altered since they are used by our internal Azure DevOps pipelines.

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Our Developer Success Team can assist with answering any questions as well as process any feedback you have about PlayFab services.

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