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Daily Prize Wheel


A daily prize wheel gives players a 'spin' to receive a prize in exchange for a ticket. Tickets in this example are using PlayFab's regenerating Virtual Currency to ensure that the player is granted 1 ticket each day. The simplest way to achieve our intended "wheel of prizes' mechanic is to use a bundle or container with a drop table to control the distribution odds to receiving each item.

This technique ensures that players can only 'spin' at most one time per 24 hour period. Additionally, you can easily cap how many 'spin' tickets can be saved through the Virtual Currency settings. In this example we are allowing the player to bank up to 5 spin tickets

Ingredients (Building Blocks):


  1. Under the Economy > Currencies section of the Game Manager add a Virtual Currency to match the following parameters:
Property Value Detail
Code ST Abbreviation for our VC
Name Spin Ticket Name of our VC
Initial Deposit 1 ensure that the player can spin on their first login
Recharge Rate 1 this sets the VC to regenerate 1 unit per day
Recharge Max 5 this caps the regeneration to the specified number, this is useful for allowing players to bank up to 5 spin tickets at a time
  1. Next, under the Catalog tab, add a new catalog called PrizeWheel.
  2. After the catalog is created, navigate within the catalog to the Drop Tables tab.
  3. Upload this JSON file. The drop table should contain all of the items on the 'wheel'.
  4. Finally, navigate back to the top-level catalogs view and click on the small black arrow in the top-right corner of the "PrizeWheel Catalog". Choose the Upload JSON option and provide this catalog file or use your own. * If using your own, ensure that you have items that can be granted to a player.

Mechanic Walkthrough:

  1. Client obtains a valid session ticket via one of the various authentication pathways (required to make Client API Calls)
  2. After logging-in the client needs a mechanism to trigger a spin
  3. After triggering the spin, the client attempts to purchase a SpinResult in exchange for 1 Spin Ticket
  4. After receiving the client's request, PlayFab will: * Deduct a Spin Ticket from the Player's VC balance
    * Award the bundle / container to the player's inventory * Send a response with the updated information back to the client
  5. Upon receiving the response, the client can display the award to the player.

Unity 3d Example Setup Instructions:

Import the following asset packages into a new or existing Unity project:

  • Ensure you have the latest SDK here.
  • Ensure you have the recipe files here
  1. Add assets to your project.
  2. Open the PrizeWheel scene.
  3. Add your title ID to the PrizeWheel.cs script via the Unity Inspector.
  4. Run the scene and observe the console for call-by-call status updates.

JavaScript Example Setup Instructions:

  1. Copy this folder to your web server.
  2. Navigate to index.html
  3. Enter in your title ID * This example automatically generates a GUID on login; however, You may choose any id you like. * After logging in whatever id was used will be saved into your browser's localstorage
  4. Observe your browser's developer console for call-by-call status updates.