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PlayFab Game Server SDK

C++ C# Java


PlayFab Game Server SDK for C#, C++, and Java environments. The GSDK is used to integrate with PlayFab Multiplayer Servers and modify the game server lifecycle (check here for more info).


getting started guide


Check the gsdkSamples repo.

Contact Us

We love to hear from our developer community! Do you have ideas on how we can make our products and services better?

Our Developer Success Team can assist with answering any questions as well as process any feedback you have about PlayFab services.

Forums, Support and Knowledge Base


We are more than happy to accept external contributions! If you want to propose a small code change, feel free to open a Pull Request directly. If you plan to do a bigger change, it would be better if you open an issue describing your proposed design in order to get feedback from project maintainers.

Release Notes

Please navigate into the respective language folders.

Copyright and Licensing Information

Apache License -- Version 2.0, January 2004

Full details available within the LICENSE file.