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  • Fix POL_SetupWindow_download clobbering $FILENAME
  • Fix small typo in first use "send report" message


  • Silence POL_Notice_IsAck when ack_notices file doesn't exist
  • Allow Set_SoundDriver '' to disable sound
  • Add in the wineprefix configuration tab for Wine: Control panel
  • Remove in the wineprefix configuration tab for Wine: Wine Uninstaller
  • Add support for Wine-staging DLL redirects (POL_Wine_RedirectDLL, POL_Wine_DelRedirectDLL, POL_Wine_RedirectDLL_App, POL_Wine_DelRedirectDLL_App) (#5163)
  • Fix POL_System_cpmv log message
  • Reimplement deprecated functions POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut and POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut using POL_Shortcut for consistency


  • Fixed a bug in the user agent used in urllib that would make it look like an attack to paranoid eyes (and filters) (#5072)
  • Try to improve general installation instructions
  • Update About's copyright years span (let's make it look like we're still working on the project ;) ) Many more could be updated though
  • POL_Download_Resource: don't test hash of missing file (one less spurious warning message)
  • Adding some visual clue while virtual drives are being removed
  • Fix "debbuger" typo
  • POL_System_find_file: really pick the shallowest file
  • fix "debbuger" typo
  • POL_SetupWindow_VMS: mention that the expected answer units are megabytes
  • Try to make instructions to rerun a program in debug mode more obvious (#5104)
  • Some GetRegValue fixing/hardening
  • Remove spurious .lnk files from user desktop for all architectures during POL_Shortcut calls (#4200)
  • Add waiting messages to POL_System_unzip & friends
  • Deprecate Set_WineWindowTitle that no longer works with Wine 1.5.16+, and breaks Set_Desktop (#5118)
  • Fix playonlinux-pkg -b (broken since PlayOnLinux 4.0)
  • MacOS 10.11 support


  • Feature freeze has been declared for POL 4.x, so this changelog should contain only bug fixes
  • checkVersionUse(): don't assume cfg files have any order
  • manual installation: component installation bugfix ($IFS not restored correctly)
  • POL_OpenShell: call POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv in all cases, to set $PATH (#5062)
  • Fix consecutive shortcut creations
  • POL_Wine_SetVideoDriver bugfix, device IDs were not inserted as DWORDs


  • Detect and abort scripts when trying to run 64bit programs with 32bit Wine
  • POL_DetectVideoCards: list VGA compatible controllers and 3D controllers (#5012)
  • Add support for several other value types than REG_SZ to registry updating statements (#5013)
  • POL_Wine_SelectPrefix: abort if no prefix name is provided
  • Sort install scripts lists case insensitively (iTunes)
  • Fix "hash-bang" line in shortcuts so they're actually executable
  • Deprecate the usage of $REPERTOIRE in PlayOnLinux own code
  • Translate remaining french comments and identifiers in Bash code
  • Improve POL_Wine_PrefixDelete to remove ancillary resources (shortcuts, icons,...)
  • Wine versions manager: attributes tell apart used versions instead of unused versions; Add an extra warning when about to remove a version in use
  • Avoid Python detection loops
  • Display wx version found
  • Fix Settings > Internet menu (#4989, thanks to rupert)
  • Workaround for Wine bug #37575 (#5023)
  • Improve find_binary function and make it public as POL_System_find_file
  • Add support for .lnk, .bat and .cmd files to POL_Shortcut and POL_SetupWindow_shortcut_creator
  • Added an icon to open the debugger from the installation wizard when POL_Debug_Init has been called (#4948)
  • Implement POL_SetupWindow_notice to display important messages, but allow the user to acknowledge them once and for all ("Don't remind me") (#2036)
  • POL_OpenShell (Configure > Misc > Open a shell) bug fixes
  • Add a warning when OpenGL autotests are missing (user support)
  • Make sure "Install non-listed application" link is always visible in install window
  • POL_SetupWindow_cdrom: don't suggest "*" when no CDROM has been found
  • Remove use of remaining os.system() calls (less overhead, less quoting nightmare)
  • Use os.kill() instead of shell command
  • Use of "exec" to avoid some useless extra Bash processes
  • polconfigurator interface cleanup (no risk of translation breakage)


  • Use $POL_TERM more consistently, allow POL_TERM global configuration override. Beware, the terminal must support -T and -e options, so gnome-terminal doesn't qualify (gnome-terminal.wrapper does though)
  • Add a POL_Wine_VersionSignature function to compute a hash of a Wine package
  • Python version string extraction hardening (#4895)
  • POL_System_PartInfo identifies filesystems thru mount point instead of device (Btrfs subvolumes compatibility)
  • Modify bash/document_reader to pass extra arguments unchanged (
  • Remove "skipped lines" messages when the debugger gets the focus back
  • POL_Shortcut: do not overwrite $Binaire to improve logging
  • mainwindow: make alert boxen child of the main window so they cannot get lost behind other windows
  • Prevent POL_Download_Resource clobbering $APP_ANSWER
  • Wine versions management: grey out versions that are not currently in use by any virtual drive and can be safely removed (Tutul)



  • New support and feedback system, easier to use
  • Links to social networks
  • 4.2.3 regresion fixed in run_exe module


  • Fix for Python version "2.7" (#3749)
  • POL_SetupWindow_shortcut_creator: always suggest unused shortcut names; If user chooses an already used name, warn before overwrite (#3770)
  • Fix for "Error 427" regression in 4.2.2 (functions override)
  • Fix IE3 icon extraction (#3885)
  • Debugger: if behind by too many lines, skip displaying some (...skipped n lines...) to keep up
  • wineserver not in path problem fixed again (debian bug, but they won't fix it)
  • Fix "Open a shell" to enable the wine version of the prefix
  • New attempt at fixing download gauge overflow (#2123)
  • Do not totally silence gpg import errors
  • Allow POL_SetupWindow_textbox to accept an extra max length parameter
  • Limit bug reports title to 80 characters
  • virtual drive removal: use os.lstat() instead of os.stat() to check for broken rights (reported by Xenos5)
  • change of Wine version used in a virtual drive: kill running wineserver after asking for permission
  • Experimental: FreeBSD support
  • Removing PlayOnLinux_Online
  • Corefonts are now managed as any other POL_Call package. (Debian.lib is consequently no longer needed)
  • Removing installation process of missing gecko and mono at startup. It should not happen anymore
  • Cleaner way to save panel position
  • Fix a bug in GetSettings() where the value contain the equal ('=') character
  • PlayOnMac does no longer need a reboot after installing XQuartz
  • PlayOnMac does no longer popup a warning before xterm is installed
  • Removing IRC
  • Icones install can now be bigger than 22x22


  • Changelog move from plaintext to Markdown syntax.
  • read script lists in utf8 when looking up script to install (#2076)
  • (experimental) new algorithm to find installed Python version, implements fallback which is probably overkill (#2122)
  • New version of PlayOnLinux Vault 4.0.4:
    • Adding lzop compression if available (fast compression with medium compression rate).
    • Add a "Save" shortcut in PlayOnLinux side panel
  • Fix double utf-8 decoding of shortcuts (#2125, #2289)
  • Add POL_Shortcut_Configurator
  • Modified POL_System_wget to keep error messages from wget
  • Updated PNG icons with broken profiles, thanks to calvertyl (
  • wine-mono download support
  • Fix POL_SetupWindow_message typo (not enough video memory message) (#2790)
  • POL_LoadVar_Device: refacto POL_DetectVideoCards; Let user choose when there's more than one known videocard present
  • Add link to download page in side panel when version is not up-to-date (#2677) Not sure it's visible enough, could be improved.
  • Added logging to archivers wrappers (POL_System_unzip etc.)
  • Update mono download URLs
  • Updated IRC server address, domain is gone
  • Harden applications list parsing
  • force LANG=C when spawning wineconsole (Wine bug #10063)
  • fix typo in bash/manual_install
  • Developer feature: allow to override function scripts When global configuration ALLOW_FUNCTION_OVERRIDES is set to TRUE, function scripts in $POL_USER_ROOT/configurations/function_overrides/ override function scripts by the same name. This feature disables bug reporting.
  • Fix website login when username contains spaces (#3573)
  • "Run an .exe in this virtual disk" sets current directory to program's directory (#1855)
  • fix "wineserver not found" in interactive use of POL_Wine_Direct3D / POL_Wine_X11Drv / POL_Wine_DirectSound / POL_Wine_DirectInput
  • Remove use of os.system() from and (less overhead, less quoting nightmare)
  • Add missing POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv before wineserver calls


  • When removing shortcuts or virtual drives from the Configure window, make sure desktop icons, menu entries, etc. are also removed.
  • fix Python's VersionLower (infinite source of bugs)
  • Update © in about box LP: #1160801
  • Fix a huge problem in bug reporting I introduced in 4.2... I thought it tested it well, this is depressing. Without testers, without users testing beta versions, it seems there's no way to get bugfree releases.
  • (experimental) enable display of beta scripts by default, differenciate them in lists using a reddish background


  • Huge icons download speedup by reusing a single HTTP connection
  • Make sure debug mode is disabled when using playonlinux --run; Debug may still be used in playonlinux-bash though
  • Make sure entered prefix name contains no space or slash during manual installations
  • POL_System_wget: make sure the pipelined wget exitcode is not masked by grep's one
  • POL_System_wget: interpret wget exitcodes
  • genere_icone(): pick the right icon instead of Wine generic one (reported by Simon/excalibr on IRC) (#1815)
  • (experimental) WINEDEBUG prefix setting, modify the amount of logging when debugging is enabled. I'm not sure of the right scope, should it be per-shortcut, like the old "enable debugging" flag, or even global?
  • POL_SetupWindow_shortcut_creator: use executable name as default shortcut name
  • sort shortcuts case insensitively in main window so that lowercase doesn't end up at the bottom
  • bug report: insert basic questions to answer in the bug report
  • add "Report a problem" in shortcut-related actions in the side panel
  • do not ask for confirmation to close PlayOnLinux if there's no program started
  • do not suggest bug reporting if a script has been canceled by the user because a prefix already existed
  • virtual drive removal should now overpass bad directory rights (caused by WMP9 for example) (#1732)
  • POL_System_HomeSpaceLeft fix for df multiline output (#1890)
  • added POL_System_UserRootSpaceLeft, in case ~/.PlayOnLinux is a symlink or a mount
  • use POL_System_UserRootSpaceLeft in POL_System_EnoughSpace
  • if exists, look for mounted devices in /media/$USER/ directory (Ubuntu Quantal, #1893)
  • manual_install: don't call POL_Wine_PrefixCreate on patch installation
  • irc: only warn about closing window when connected
  • Debug log all user inputs (POL_SetupWindow_textbox, etc.)
  • try to handle EINTR while reading from pol_update_list pipe (#1687)
  • DeletePrefix: if root is actually a symlink, just delete the symlink
  • try to handle EINTR while accepting socket connections (#1687)
  • Fix typo (#1932)
  • POL_SetupWindow_download: accept a directory or a filename as 4th parameter
  • POL_Download: accept URLs with "query strings", that get included in local filename
  • (experimental) if missing, look for resources in winetricks cache before attempting download (#1963)
  • Add POL_Wine_DelOverrideDLL, POL_Wine_DelAppOverrideDLL (#1989)
  • POL_Wine_OverrideDLL and POL_Wine_AppOverrideDLL cleanups
  • Support creation of desktop menu entries (#1943). POL_Shortcut needs an extra parameter, categories, for the entry to be created. And similarly to NO_DESKTOP_ICON setting, a NO_MENU_ICON can be set to TRUE to prevent desktop menu entries from being created.


  • POL_System_is32bit
  • Improved package menu
  • Added : POL_Download_GetSize, POL_System_HomeSpaceLeft
  • Fixed bug : #1446
  • POL_Wine_PrefixCreate(): wait for wineserver to finish instead of hardcoded 3s wait (#1486)
  • Fix bug in POL_Download_GetSize when redirected
  • Fix options parsing bug in POL_System_CheckFS
  • Log when NO_FSCHECK TRUE has been used
  • Tried to make it clearer that no-cd patches may be needed to get legal programs to work
  • Handle prefix overwrite in POL_Wine_PrefixCreate (Overwrite/Erase/Abort)
  • POL_Download_Resource(): fix for $3 and $4 mixed up (#1651)
  • VersionLower: fix cases when 3rd component in version strings is missing ("1.4") or dot in development string ("1.4-dos_support_0.6")
  • Fixes to lib.playonlinux.VersionLower()
  • Set_Desktop: support Wine 1.5.16+ (#1710)
  • Try to make the purpose of install filters more obvious (#1652)


  • Wine issue fixed on OSX 10.8.2 and 10.7.5
  • Make "missing package" messages a bit more explicit
  • Fix typo in POL_Wine_OverrideDLL
  • Don't log regedit parameter if not a file
  • irc client: changed reg.sub() to not depend on flag parameter (Python 2.7+)


  • Search bar
  • Bug fix
  • DONT_KILL_ON_EXIT setting
  • additional debug messages in POL_Download and POL_Download_Resource
  • additional debug messages in POL_Call
  • Many stability and UI improvements


  • Critical fixes


  • POL_Debug_* cookie forgotten
  • Bug in update process


  • Timer: read modification date instead of listing directories (CPU usage)
  • CheckGL command
  • Bug 1076, quote disappear after configure menu fixed
  • Clickable links on install window
  • Better (and clearer) debug windows
  • Small fix for OSX 10.8
  • NEW: PlayOnLinux --run supports extensions!
  • POL_Shortcut_Document : Researches
  • New POL_SetupWindow_browse GUI
  • POL_SetupWindow_browse supports filters
  • Ask to redownload when failed
  • Minor: bug 1053
  • Hypertext link in IRC
  • Some improvement in IRC
  • PlayOnLinux user agent
  • A new method to manage setup window (cleaner code)
  • Added POL_SimpleAlert
  • Exiting POL will kill all opened bash scripts
  • Updating the GIT is possible from the GUI
  • Several UIs improvements
  • Added POL_Die(), POL_Restart(), POL_System_RegisterPID()
  • Harden POL_Download, POL_Download_Resource, POL_System_wget, POL_System_CopyDirectory against errors (disk full?)
  • Create hardened commands POL_System_unzip, POL_System_7z, POL_System_tar, POL_System_cabextract, POL_System_unrar


  • Real time refreshing
  • New install window
  • 64x64 icons support
  • 24bits icon support
  • regedit alone does not log anything
  • POL vault updated
  • Grep : line buffered
  • IRC client : make URLs clickable


  • Debian package unified
  • Bug #953 fixed
  • Usage stats
  • Speed up POL_LoadVar_device by twice on OSX
  • Video card detections
  • POL needs to be updated for bug reports
  • Icon change
  • wineserver not in path problem fixed (debian bug, but they won't fix it)
  • Improved irc
  • UTF-8 pb fixed
  • Starting a new GUI
  • Beta: Look native feature for OSX


Fixes to critial problem

  • Removing optirun support which makes wine hang
  • UTF8 problem with files association


  • Proxy problems fixed
  • Lot of improvements in configure window
  • Wineversion autorefresh in configure menu
  • PlayOnLinux checks dependances
  • Optirun support
  • Debug scripts are sent on the good bug tracker
  • More clever debugging
  • A (very nice) debugger
  • POL_SW_Check_cdrom supports multiple setup files
  • Extension manager window
  • WGETRC problem fixed
  • PlayOnLinux can manage extensions


  • Refresh button forces POL's update
  • Fix utf8 problem in playonlinux path
  • Debug error and fatal does no longer block bash when GUI is not initialized
  • Local var problems
  • POL_Lnk_Read to read .lnk files
  • New screenshot system
  • Bugfix
  • Arch problem
  • Pre run command should not be shown for prefixes
  • Fix TRANSLATORS files, some names did not appear.
  • Bugfix if wx is to lower


  • Bug fix in AMD64 check_dd opengl
  • Starting dosbox api
  • POL_DosBox_InstallCDROM added
  • POL_Debug_Init is quicker
  • POL_Wine_InstallCDROM
  • Progress bar for directory copy
  • Support for Windows CD-ROM mounting on OSX
  • Bug report disabled for unsigned scripts
  • Ability to add commands before running a program
  • Language issue problem fixed on OSX
  • Bug 72 fixed
  • POL_SetupWindow_licence does no longer crash when file is not found
  • Bug 651 fixed
  • Bugfix with wineprefixcreate
  • Winemenubuilder only once
  • Center text on linux
  • Added PRE_WINE config
  • Line return is now automatic
  • 64bits prefix creation support
  • Always create 32bits prefix with system's wine
  • POL_Config_DosPrefix
  • Updated sed binary for OSX
  • Override user's ~/.wgetrc with $POL_USER_ROOT/configurations/wgetrc
  • Fix "wineprefix" appearing in prefixes when scratching ~/.PlayOnLinux but not "virtual drives" symlink in home directory.
  • Correctly log selected prefixes


  • Manual install fix for existing 64bits prefixes
  • Killing all processes
  • Remove some /
  • base64
  • POL_SetupWindow_login adapted
  • POL_System_wget
  • Stderr wine changelog
  • Useful aliases
  • Bug 707 fixed
  • First use is compulsory
  • Bugfix
  • Filesystem checks
  • Bug 732 : text color
  • Writting POL_WGET everywhere
  • unset WINEARCH
  • When installing a patched Wine, deploy Gecko for the non-patched version
  • Report "patched Wine version" in prefix logs only when it's true
  • POL_ExtractIcon, POL_ExtractBiggestIcon: can also extract icons from .ico files
  • Removed dependency upon curl by posting to pastebin with wget (bug #670)
  • New function POL_Shortcut_QuietDebug to suppress "crash" dialog for programs when not in debug mode; Useful for programs that are known not to exit cleanly with an exitcode = 0
  • Scans for .exe only look for files
  • Execute some of bash/startup synchronously (tmp cleanup among others)


  • Removing Messenger from menu bar
  • POL_Internal_KillAll
  • Wine crashes does not wait for POL gui when running an app
  • Wine does not complains about winemenubuilder
  • Fixed slow wine ! At last
  • DESURA and ORIGIN support
  • Gecko support by POL
  • Reading error fixe
  • Error when running a program if prefix does no longer exists
  • WaitExit --allow-kill is an argument
  • Internet connexion problem should not empty POL_functions
  • PlayOnLinux slow down wine (bug appearead since using tee to log wine. Does not exist in 4.0.15)
  • A logfile is generated for each wineprefix (If ever one day, wine developers want to read them)
  • Really, echo -e is better than printf
  • POL/POM cleans tmp directory on startup
  • Launchpad bug 947883 should be fixed
  • Quote added in shortcuts
  • run_exe is able to detect if we are in a POL wineprefix
  • Create a symbolic link in $HOME (Will not be recreated if user choose to delete it)
  • Title in IRC close confirm box
  • wineprefixcreate should no longer exist! POL needs to run it on OLD POL versions, but should NOT run in on recent ones.
  • Bugfix in requiredversion
  • SelectPrefix make the directory
  • Cleaning in wine.lib
  • Wait_Next_Signal supports button
  • Added debug messages
  • Bug fix in lspci for some distro
  • Debug lib in colors
  • Send OpenGL states to logs
  • XQuartz problems should be fixed on OSX
  • Log when required version not satisfied
  • Bug 676 fixed
  • Bugfix in manual
  • Bugfix in POL_Wine_WaitBefore


  • sudo -k
  • Run local script's script v4
  • Translation problem
  • GPG warning is now in gettext
  • Confirmation needed to change a shortcut prefix
  • Preferences menu fixed on OSX
  • POL_Config_Read adapted to be usable in variable bash file (bugfix)
  • POL_LoadVar_ScreenResolution
  • Bug 225 fixed
  • POL_Wine_WaitBefore
  • Arch on prefix's icon
  • POL_RequiredVersion, POL_AdvisedVersion
  • Version comparison fixed
  • Service pack bug fixed
  • Title on dialog boxes
  • OpenGL detection
  • Removing Offline POL (no longer supported)
  • rm "*" message removed (Don't worry, it was controled)
  • POL_Shortcut(): Possibly to use path instead of executable
  • POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine: made sure the commands are not interpreted before insertion. Even \n is no longer interpreted, to insert several lines, call POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine once per line.
  • PlayOnMac is now compatible with Mac OS 10.8 : Mountain Lion (not tested, but it should work)
  • PlayOnMac ask for a reboot after XQuartz is installed
  • Accept to find into symlinks (Attempt to fix bug #609)
  • Possibility to add arguments to a program
  • POL will no longer run as root
  • POL_Shortcut_Document to support manual
  • Console prefix improved
  • First part of bug #665 fixed
  • Force playonlinux.cfg creation


  • Slow DNS on IPV6 issue should be solved
  • Higher timeout for slow DNS
  • Register link send to the good website
  • Wineversion windows remade
  • Old wineversion support
  • Change default size for main window
  • POL Website detection, small fix
  • Windows size and position saved
  • ICON_SIZE setting added
  • Python Detection
  • Fixed AMD64 detection problem
  • Fixed POL_Wine_OverrideDLL
  • Fixed POL_Wine_wineboot
  • Fixed bug 429 - Login to PlayOnLinux doesn't work
  • Added POL_Wine_X11Drv (bug 543)
  • Fixed IRC client
  • Translation: Update of template & strings...
  • Removing
  • Updating changelog. Victory \o/.
  • Fixing bug report.
  • Translation add a translator file.
  • Added Plugin Vault (from Congelli501)


  • Rebuild translation template and updating translation strings from Launchpad.
  • Fixing bug #437.
  • too_many_arguments_line fixed.
  • Fixing bug #449.
  • Fixing POL_GetSetupImages
  • Cleaning.
  • Fixing some bugs.


  • Rebuilding translation template.
  • Fixing problem with desktop icon.
  • Adding screencapture plugin.
  • Updating translation from launchpad.
  • Cleaning.
  • Disabling "sending a bug while running".

from 4.0.9 to 4.0.11

  • Rebuild of translation template.
  • Fixing some bugs with translations strings.
  • Cleaning.
  • POL_Debug improved.
  • Fixing POL_Wine_WaitExit function.
  • Fix msfonts install.


  • Support of pre and post-running scripts.

from 4.0.4 to 4.0.7

  • Various changes fixing the merge of PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac into one program.


4.0.3 was skipped...

  • Wineversion fix.
  • POL_Functions fixed.
  • Update of Capture.
  • Variouses fixes.


  • External shortcuts fixed.


  • Bug fixed that preventing POL from running when a playonlinux 3 wineversion setting was remaining.


  • Start V4 developement.
  • Removing old files.
  • Removing pol_cmd support.


  • Fix POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom


  • Fixed bug #59 : No menu in Ubuntu
  • Timeout changed to 2 seconds for update checking
  • playonlinux-daemon removed
  • ! removed in


  • Rebuild translation template.
  • Sync translation.
  • Fix error message in WineVersion.
  • Added url handler support


  • Fix broken packages


  • FIX: bug #93.
  • Script authentification support
  • Winetricks support in Manual Installation


  • ADD: POL_Winetricks
  • UPDATE: Template for translation, no sync with launchpad.


  • UPDATE: Translation, sync with launchpad.
  • UPDATE: Offline PlayOnLinux to 0.4
  • FIX: bug #54. Change icon doesn't work properly.
  • FIX: bug #61. Launcher didn't work on Ubuntu 10.04+.
  • FIX: bug #85.
  • FIX: bug #81.
  • ADD: POL_Debug.
  • ADD: GUI for help bug report creation.
  • FIX: bug #88.
  • UPDATE: Title variable defined automaticaly


  • SYNC: Translation from launchpad
  • FIX: A bug in bash/polconfigurator
  • REBUILD: Template language.
  • FIX: Update translation of script responsibility
  • UPDATE: Detour to 0.5.
  • UPDATE: AdvancedWineConfiguration to 3.6.1


  • Change how the current version POL is send to the server.
  • Fix bug #58. PlayOnLinux unable to start when an update is available.


  • Fix a bug in auto_shortcut, arguments was inverted.
  • Send version of POL when fetching a script.


  • ADD: Plugin Detour
  • UPDATE: Translation was updated, forgotten in 3.8.2.


  • FIX: PlayOnLinux bug: #17. An error message was displayed during manual installation
  • FIX: know bug in pol-cmd, pol-cmd was unable to create .PlayOnLinux repository
  • FIX: Translation problems. Launchpad bugs: #629421, #629422, #629423, #629425. PlayOnLinux bugs: #36
  • FIX: PlayOnLinux bug: #26, function POL_LoadVar_ProgramFiles didn't remove line char.
  • UPDATE: Using convertVersionToInt to see if new version of POL is available, so the developement version does not say that a newer is available.
  • UPDATE: Change all echo to $POL_SW_id by a cat / EOF. In other word write write all text message in one pass instead of line by line.
  • UPDATE: Capture to 2.2.
  • UPDATE: AdvancedWineConfiguration to 3.6.
  • UPDATE/ADD: mainwindow show a message when: using a development version, no network, plugin offline pol used.
  • ADD: Missing string in tranlation. String used by plugins.
  • ADD: Set_WineWindowTitle. See POL bug: #23.
  • ADD: New function for convert the string version to integer.
  • ADD: playonlinux-cmd support search.
  • ADD: playonlinux-cmd can list installed software.
  • ADD: playonlinux-cmd can remove an already installed application.
  • ADD: playonlinux-cmd now support all function POL_SW_* (guiv3) in shell mode.
  • Full rebuild of translation template using xgettext. Python and Shell.
  • Better use of the gettext function and string corrections for:
    • python/
    • python/
    • python/
    • python/
    • python/
    • python/
    • bash/LiveInstall
    • bash/autorun
    • bash/daemon/autorun
    • bash/uninstall
    • bash/expert/Executer
    • bash/expert/kill_wineserver
    • bash/install_wver
    • bash/killall
    • bash/polconfigurator (always used?)
    • bash/system_info
    • bash/check_maj
    • bash/check_maj_
    • lib/applications
    • lib/check_depend
    • lib/interface_v3
    • lib/main
    • lib/wine
    • lib/interface (+ cleaning)
    • playonlinux-cmd
    • playonlinux-pkg
    • Plugins: Capture
  • Removing some unused files plus cleaning some files.
  • Update copyright header.


  • UPDATE: Capture to 2.1.1.
  • UPDATE: Translation update with launchpad on 2010-08-31 and 2010-09-02.
  • UPDATE/FIX: function install_plugin rewrited to a more sure system.
  • FIX: function POL_SW_auto_shortcut doesn't work properly with icons.
  • FIX: bug #31.
  • FIX: bug #30. Adding a sleep 0.2 for some functions.
  • NEW: include template for translation.
  • NEW: add playonlinux-cmd for manage POL by command line.
  • NEW: playonlinux-cmd now support --update
  • NEW: playonlinux-cmd now support --start-install


  • Bug #22 POL_SetupWindow_Init checks if a windows is already opened. --force option can be used to force windows opening in that case
  • Ukranian name is .uk, not .ua
  • New variable : $POL_USER_ROOT ( = $REPERTOIRE )
  • Defaults plugins : Offline PlayOnLinux, Advanced wine configuration, Transgaming Cedega, Wine Import, Wine Look, Capture
  • New functions : POL_GetImages, POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages
  • PlayOnLinux detects if you are alreay on a PlayOnLinux terminal, and if yes, it refuses to run
  • A bug corrected in sources loading
  • Wine Import and Offline PlayOnLinux plugin corrected
  • playonlinux-shell command added to run PlayOnLinux shell in your terminal !
  • PlayOnLinux uses a git repository for the developement
  • Some cleaning
  • The program does not show acceleration 3D message error when mesa-utils is not installed


  • Bug #4 corrected (wine version manager does not start)
  • Bug #14 corrected (conflict with gtkrgba module)
  • Bug #27 fully corrected (a more natural sort)
  • Added POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut which will replace POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut
  • Added POL_SetupError function
  • is fully compatible with offline mode plugin
  • Some bugs corrected in wine version management


  • Multiple wineversion bug fixed
  • Lucid Lynx Compatiblity


  • Improvement on icon managing
  • Manual installation now supports .msi files
  • Highest rank category added in install menu
  • Most downloaded category added in install menu
  • Stars behavior improved in install menu
  • Added a patch category in install menu
  • Added a testing zone in install menu


  • A function added to correct Program Files problem
  • Icon are automaticaly extracted from exe files
  • Other bugs corrected


  • Few bugs corrected


  • Added POL_Call to replace tricks lib
  • New polish and german translation


  • Right Click Menu
  • Kill All Apps
  • Possibility to change icon
  • Possibility to open user directory
  • playonlinux --debug option


  • Various bug fixed
  • Winetricks integration


  • Icon changed
  • becomes
  • English translation improved


  • Changelog removed when a new version is installed
  • Possibility to configure the prefix before manual install
  • Repository is automaticaly updated when needed
  • POL_SetupWindow_prefixcreate use POL_SetupWindow_normalprefixcreate to avoid bugs
  • POL_SetupWindow_specificprefixcreate and POL_SetupWindow_oldprefixcreate are made
  • Autorun is moved on tools menu
  • Refresh the repository should no more be needed. Therefor, it has been removed from the toolbar


  • An important bug corrected in wine version manager
  • lzma is no more asked by check_depend


  • Wine version manager changed
  • lzma is no more requiered


  • An important bug corrected. The configuration button was hidden


  • A bug corrected in the game list


  • PlayOnLinux's game configurator is remade.
  • The scriptor has the possibility to make a configurator for each script in ~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations/configurators/script_name
  • The irc chat is removed
  • GLSL bug corrected


  • Added the possibility to disable PlayOnLinux messenger (also called IRC chat)
  • An important bug fixed in the install menu with the latest version of Ubuntu Intrepid (The window freezed)
  • The miniatures of the applications are no more downloaded during the repository refreshing process but directly in the install menu.
  • A bug corrected in PlayOnLinux Setup Window : the top image position is now calculated according to its width


  • PlayOnLinux install menu is faster
  • Low connection can read the descriptions


  • Description box in install menu has become an html box. Now, it's possible to underline or bold words in the description of a game.
  • Descriptions are downloaded when the user clic on the name of the game, and no more when PlayOnLinux repositories are refreshed.
  • Users can edit the description of a game on the website when they send a script.
  • PlayOnLinux repositories refreshing has become faster
  • A bug corrected in folders like "Applications Data". Now, it has the same name for every languages do avoid problems.


  • Added playonlinux-daemon which run automatically you cd-rom setup's when it finds an autorun file.
  • Proxy support corrected
  • Changelog shown after upgrading
  • Program Files different name corrected, the folder is automatically called "Program Files" instead of "Programmi" for example
  • An important bug corrected in wine version.
  • Added stars in install menu


  • Added POL_SetupWindow_checkbox_list
  • Translations improved
  • IRC client improved (Multi channel support with a combobox)

3.0.2 to 3.0.6

  • A lot of improvements in the IRC client
  • Bug fixed in microsoft fonts
  • Added POL_SetupWindow_pulsebar, pulse and settext


  • A bug corrected in 3.0
  • 4 New functions : Set_SoundSampleRate, Set_SoundBitsPerSample, Set_SoundHardwareAcceleration, Set_SoundEmulDriver


  • POL_SetupWindow support (a setup box for scriptors)
  • New GUIs
  • POL is is .po files
  • New wine version support GUI
  • Minor corrections in IRC
  • A lot of new fonction
  • Use_WineVersion function


  • message_one function added (Scriptors can add a box "No more alert me")
  • Tools menu improved : wine tools are no more accessible for non-wine shortcuts
  • wineversion fixed
  • irc improved
  • manque() function added after check_depend
  • new dependance : lzma for wineversion


  • Bug fixed in Ubuntu deb packages


  • Color in IRC chat
  • Plugin manager made
  • Dosbox becomes a plugin
  • PlayOnLinux show a warning if it is lanched at root
  • Icons added for wait, download and upgrade available
  • Lot of bugs in translation fixed
  • Changelog updated


  • A security problem corrected
  • A bug fixed


  • A lot of improvement in IRC chat
  • An Option GUI
  • A lot of settings added


  • IRC Chat integrated
  • Lynx dependances does exists any more
  • Install menu bug fixed


  • New install menu
  • Lot of bugs fixed


  • French sentance translated
  • Languages files corrected
  • New dependance : cabextract
  • Fonts installation problem corrected


  • New menu more user friendly
  • Autorun automated installer
  • Community and workonlinux doesn't exists anymore
  • Ask_For_cdrom improved
  • Fixed bugs in package manager
  • Lot of translations
  • Lot of commands translated in english


  • Dialog are pretty more comprehensible
  • Langage panels corrected
  • All the file in the same languages
  • About window translated
  • Hungarian translation
  • .pol package manager
  • A new logo
  • LiveInstall is called "Manual installation"
  • Bug corrected in icons installation
  • Wine GIT in wineversion menu


  • Wineversion bug fix
  • WinGit bug fix


  • creer_prefixe runs fonts-to-prefix
  • Microsoft fonts problem solved
  • Some french message are translated


  • Russian translation
  • Polish translation
  • Italian correction
  • --run refixed


  • Italian translation
  • --run problem solved
  • English corrected


  • Wine Look added
  • Expert menu is "Tools"
  • New function : browser and OpenWineLookBox
  • Functions translation (erreur > error, etc...)


  • Fix LiveInstall
  • German translation
  • Improvements in french languages files
  • Two more function : Set_Desktop and Set_Iexplore


  • Added dosbox support
  • Check_cdrom ask for a new mount point instead of canceling the installation when the cdrom is not in the drive


  • Wine GIT added
  • Wine Booster 2 Added


  • Downloading plugin improved (Start automatically to download is possible)
  • Python 2.4 and by the way, debian compatibility
  • Check if PlayOnLinux is running at startup


  • All the GUI is remade with wx-python
  • Scripts are more configurable (Cf PlayOnLinux doc)
  • Improved prefix support
  • Prefix are detected
  • PlayOnLinux is more user-friendly
  • Kill wineserver process in expert menu
  • DirectX in one downloading
  • tahoma fonts support
  • All the window remade with wx python
  • Zenity, kdialog, xdialog and dialog are no more used
  • winemaster and winebooster are temporarely unavailable
  • Possibility to run several programs in the same time
  • Added Set_WineVersion_Assign and Set_WineVersion_Session
  • New download plugin
  • Possibility to delete shortcut without deleting the prefix
  • "About" window
  • Licence : GPL-v3
  • One menu for all the games (Valable pour le menu expert)
  • Different script repository from 1.8
  • attendre_multiple does work any more


  • PlayOnLinux menu in gnome
  • WorkOnLinux support
  • Big differences in scripts downloading : playonlinux do not download all thescripts available.
  • Add check_pol_update and check_network
  • Polshell added
  • Old version are not more supported


  • Third website adress. Moving to
  • Some bug fixed


  • Lot of bugs fixed
  • PolScriptCreator added
  • LiveInstall added
  • GLX tests remade
  • Some commands for translators
  • creer_lanceur and creer_lanceur_expansion are the same


  • Add directx in the expert menu
  • Add information menu in options
  • WineMaster added


  • Options menu added
  • Tests added
  • New adress for the website
  • French and english are available
  • Official and community repository
  • Microsoft fonts support
  • Update question is not at running but a installation
  • Kdialog (QT) or zenity (GTK) choice is available
  • Lot of bug fixed


  • Added wineversion tools. It permits you to run differents wine version in PlayOnLinux
  • Bug corrected in add-on menu


  • The script can make a shortcut in your desktop for you
  • Menus are reorganized
  • Expert menu added
  • "BaseDeRegistre", "WineConfig", "WineBooster", "UpdatePrefixe" and "Executer" tools are added
  • Possibilites to run non-official scripts


  • Added KDE support with Kdialog


  • Add-On support


  • More commands like "simuler_reboot" in libraries
  • wine lib added


  • PlayOnLinux lib are made for scriptors.
  • PlayOnLinux is ready to work on KDE with kdialog


  • "Play" menu added
  • The shortcut are not more in ~/bin


  • Zenity integration


  • The script is working since first execution
  • No more need to exec it twice
  • Lot of bug fixed


  • .deb and .tar.gz available
  • PlayOnLinux ask at startup if the user want to upgrade


  • Lot of bugs in install menu and update fixed


  • Added patch support
  • PlayOnLinux check that dialog is installed before executing


  • Add uninstall menu
  • Bug fixed in install menu


  • Using dialog GUI
  • Lot of bugs fixed


  • Dependances detection at execution
  • Fix a bug on script execution


  • First version of PlayOnLinux.
  • Upgrades available from the website.
  • No GUI, all in a shell