is a web application that catalogs magic tricks and helps magicians build shows.
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build.sbt is a web application that catalogs magic tricks and helps magicians build shows.

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Want to know more about PlayWithMagic?


This application uses a Postgres database to catalog Routines and Sets for magicians.

Tests use a separate, in-memory database and runs within their own application context, separate from both the production and development environments.

###The Gee Wiz Test and the So What Test "Geez, this is cool." That's what we want to hear from our users. There are a few novel things about this website. According to our consulting magicians, there is no other website that catalogs magic tricks like this. There are plenty of websites with product reviews and forums, but what sets PlayWithMagic apart is metadata: The discrete fields we ask magicians to fill out. Over time, these fields will become searchable and will drive all kinds of unique innovations.

Another novelty of the website is the idea that Routines are owned by the magical community — like a Wiki. Renditions of a routine are owned by magicians.

So What? Well, if you're not a magician, then it's probably not very interesting. But if you are a magician — perhaps one who has grown up in the Internet era — then this is a terrific place to share, to learn and to collaborate.


Need assistance on using

Contributing to

The First Few Things You Should Know as a Project Developer

  • We make extensive use of GitHub's Issue Tracker.
  • The application is based on Java and uses a Model-View-Controller paradigm.
  • The application has three primary entities: Magicians, Routines and Sets.
    • Routines are not 'owned' by individuals. Any user can contribute to a routine.
    • Sets are owned by individual users (Magicians).
  • If you want to add a new field, checkout this tutorial on adding new fields.
  • The application uses Chrome and Chrome Driver to run tests. Watch them run.

###Documentation A great place to start is our Project Wiki. You'll find information on setting up your development environment, use cases, programming conventions and major design decisions.

###Support Have a question? Found a bug? Please open an Issue on our GitHub Issues page.

###License This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.