Assets 2

This marks the final release of the ICS 613 Software Engineering class here at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Continued releases will be made as the project progress from here.

This release includes:

  • Improve authorization awareness of the applicaiton.
    • Update authorization to prevent unauthorized users from editing or deleting routines or magicians.
    • Display navigation elements based on your logged-in state and whether you are the owner of an item or not.
  • We're proud to present the Set Notes feature!
    • A Magician may input desired information about a Set, and then get an analysis of the Routines they've chosen for the Set.
    • Additional Set Note items are forthcoming in future releases.
  • Resolved the https issues to the best of our ability with Heroku.
  • Use FontAwesome icons for placeholder images in newly created Profiles, Routines, and Materials that do not have uploaded images.
  • Fix image upload issue when deployed on Heroku.
  • Evolutions were not being applied in Heroku.
  • Cleaned up dead branches.