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A dynamic audio/visual score and music representation platform for education, composition, and performance collaborations in the context of non-notational musics and sound practices.
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Dynamic Contour Representation Tool (DyCon RaTish)

The Dynamic Contour Representation Tool (DyCon RaTish) is a collection of experimental software programs developed to support collaborations between musicians, composers, and educators working with melodic performances practices outside of the context of codified notational and representational modalities. In particular, DyCon RaTish is being developed in collaboration with Karnatic (South Indian) musicians, including singer Rao Sharath, to explore experimental approaches to human-computer interactivity and feedback cycles in performance of experimental music.


Getting Started

Download everything into a local folder.


DyCon RaTish currently requires the following software:

  • Max/MSP
  • Processing

Download and install Max/MSP from Download and install

A future version built in open-soure Pure Data is in the works.


Open DyCon_RaTish_v4.maxpat in Max/MSP and set localhost and port information for Open Sound Control (OSC). Do the same with DyCon_RaTish_v4.pde. Open both programs concurrently and check that the Processing script in receiving OSC data sent by Max.



This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License - see the file for details

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