MAVLink to ROS gateway with UDP proxy for Ground Control Station
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MAVLink extendable communication node for ROS.

  • Since 2014-08-11 this repository contains several packages.
  • Since 2014-11-02 hydro support splited from master to hydro-devel branch.
  • Since 2015-03-04 all packages also dual licensed under terms of BSD license.
  • Since 2015-08-10 all messages moved to mavros_msgs package

mavros package

It is the main package, please see it's README. Here you may read installation instructions.

mavros_extras package

This package contain some extra nodes and plugins for mavros, please see it's README.

libmavconn package

This package contain mavconn library, see it's README. LibMAVConn may be used outside of ROS environment.

test_mavros package

This package contain hand-tests and manual page for APM and PX4 SITL. Please see README first!

mavros_msgs package

This package contain messages and services used in mavros.

Support forums and chats

Please ask your questions not related to bugs/feauture requests on:

We'd like to keep the project bugtracker as free as possible, so please contact via the above methods. You can also PM us via Gitter.

CI Statuses

  • ROS Hydro: Hydro build status
  • ROS Indigo: Indigo build status
  • ROS Jade: Jade build status
  • Travis Hydro (PX4): Hydro px4 status