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Symfony 2.1 Composer Edition


Symfony 2.1 Composer Edition is managed by Composer and Packagist thanks to the great work of @Seldaek and others.

We give lots of credits to the work of KnpLabs symfony with composer.

What's in it ?

You'll find some pre configured stuff like :

  • Twig as the template engine
  • Monolog as the default logger
  • Swiftmailer as the email sender
  • A lightweight AcmeDemoBundle on dev/test environment
  • Buzz & BuzzBundle, a lightweight HTTP client

Interested ? Just go through this steps in order to get started :

  1. Download the Symfony 2.1 Composer Edition
  2. Check Symfony requirements
  3. Install vendors
  4. See it live in your browser

Installation process

Download the Composer Edition

Download archive from here.

Check Symfony requirements

Once you've downloaded the composer edition, extract in your local web dir and go to the extracted folder. Then run this command :

$ php app/check.php

We suggest fixing any issues or Symfony recommandations before moving on. Having troubles ? Read the doc

Configure and install dependencies with composer

Setup the project dependencies in file composer.json located on root directory. Read the doc

Then get composer

$ curl -s | php

When done, let composer download and install all your dependencies by executing the following command:

$ php composer.phar install

You can also update the dependencies by running the previous command with update option instead of install.

See it live

Remembering the first step, as you extracted the archive in your local web dir, you can now hit your favorite browser at :


Congrats ! Now you can customize this distribution with composer.json : don't forget to read more about Packagist.