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Commits on Apr 05, 2012
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@@ -15,10 +15,8 @@ You'll find some pre configured stuff like :
* Twig as the template engine
* Monolog as the default logger
* Swiftmailer as the email sender
-* MongoDB as the storage with Doctrine as the ODM
-* Annotations but not for Doctrine
-* Behat for BDD
* A lightweight AcmeDemoBundle on dev/test environment
+* Buzz & BuzzBundle, a lightweight HTTP client
Interested ? Just go through this steps in order to get started :
@@ -44,15 +42,25 @@ $ php app/check.php
We suggest fixing any issues or Symfony recommandations before moving on.
Having troubles ? [Read the doc](
-### Install vendors
+### Configure and install dependencies with composer
-Just like the standard version of Symfony, you just have to run the same commands that will install/update vendors, update bootstrap file, install assets and clear your cache.
+Setup the project dependencies in file composer.json located on root directory.
+[Read the doc](
+Then get composer
+``` bash
+$ php curl -s | php
+When done, let composer download and install all your dependencies by executing the following command:
``` bash
-$ php bin/vendors install
+$ php composer.phar install
-In order to update dependencies, run the previous command with ```update``` option.
+You can also update the dependencies by running the previous command with ```update``` option instead of ```install```.
### See it live

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