C++ module reloading library and runtime
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C++ module reloading library and runtime

This project is split into three modules (one of which is currently just a header).

  1. RePlex - Header only file used for exporting modules to be reloaded and interfacing with them (provides the RePlexExport base class).
  2. Test library - Library file containing some a function and variable to be exported, and a specialization of the RePlexExport class.
  3. RePlexRuntime - Test executable which loads the test library, reloads it, and verifies that reloading occurred properly.

Build instructions

After fetching the repository, run git submodule init followed by git submodule update to fetch the Google test framework which is required to run the tests.

You must have premake5 installed and in your path. This library does not yet support Windows, but should function on OSX and Linux (Linux still untested at this time). To compile the program, invoke premake5 [action] in the root directory of the project, where "action" is a target IDE or supported build backend of your choice. For example:

premake5 xcode4

will generate an .xworkspace file you can open to compile and run the program in Xcode.