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Acoustic Microphone Array Geometry Calibration

Today, we are often surrounded by devices with one or more microphones, such as smartphones, laptops, hearing aids, and wireless microphones. If they are part of an acoustic sensor network, their distribution in the environment can be beneficially exploited for various speech processing tasks. Applications like speaker localization, speaker tracking require the knowledge of the geo- metric configuration of the sensors. It is also benefital for severals methods of speech enhance- ment by beamforming. Therefore, acoustic microphone geometry calibration has recently become a very active field of research [5].

This collection provides the code for methods described in [1-5] and some example data. The code is free to use as long as the corresponding paper is cited in any public use. The license is to be followed and redistributed with the code.


[1] A. Plinge & G. A. Fink (2014) Geometry Calibration of Multiple Microphone Arrays in Highly Reverberant Environments In International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement, Antibes - Juan les Pins, France

[2] A. Plinge & G. A. Fink (2014) Geometry Calibration of Distributed Microphone Arrays Exploiting Audio-Visual Correspondences In European Signal Processing Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

[3] A. Plinge & G. A. Fink (2014) Multi-Speaker Tracking using Multiple Distributed Microphone Arrays In IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Florence, Italy

[4] A. Plinge, G. A. Fink, & Gannot, S. (2016) Passive online geometry calibration of acoustic sensor networks (in preparation)

[5] A. Plinge, F. Jacob, R. Haeb-Umbach, G. A. Fink (2016) Acoustic Microphone Geometry Calibration: An overview and experimental evaluation of state-of-the-art algorithms In IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 33(4), pages 14-29


Acoustic Microphone Array Geometry Calibration




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