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Plinian Core 3

Plinian Core is a standard oriented to share species level information. Its hierarchical schema allows to develop species data sheets that can be shown in websites.

[About Plinian Core] (

Abstract Model [Abstract Model v3.2.1 ] to be kept stable until Oct. 2016

In order to validate the Abstract Model schema, some additional schemas are needed. These are available at: xsd abstract-model stable-version

Application profiles already defined:

It's important to know how we can deploy an Application Profile. If we want to check an AP, we have to download, in the same folder where we have our AP, all the files that are located in this link: xsd abstract-model stable-version. Then, when we open the AP in the editor, e.g: Altova, this one will validate the AP correctly.




Documentation AM v3.2.1: [Flat format] (

Poster: [posterTDWG2013] ( - Florence
Poster: [posterTDWG2016] ( - Costa Rica

Below, you can see a structure that can be used to look at the elements that make up Plinian Core 3. Plinian core is made up for a group of elements that you can see below:

- List of terms:

Each term is of a kind of data or Class.

- List of classes:

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