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Common Lisp bindings to the Terminal Interface Construction Kit
Common Lisp
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cl-tickit is a simple cffi wrapper over libtickit (by 'Leonerd', available at, a library that provides a full toolkit for developing interactive terminal applications. Using this library, applications can:

  • Render output content and react to input events independently in any window region
  • Use fully Unicode-aware string content, including non-BMP, fullwidth and combining characters
  • Draw line-art using Unicode box-drawing characters in a variety of styles
  • Operate synchronously or asynchronously via file descriptors, or abstractly via byte buffers
  • Recognise arbitrary keyboard input, including modifiers
  • Make use of multiple terminals, if available, from a single application
  • Recognise mouse gestures including mouse wheel and recognition of position reporting greater than 224 columns* on terminals that support it
  • Use 24-bit colors (truecolor) on terminals that support it, eliminating the need for palettes

Sometime in the future:

  • Embed this functionality in a user-provided event loop (once API becomes stable)
  • Provide your own virtual terminal ('driver') implementation
  • use a high level lisp wrapper for common tasks
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