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Lightning talks at SUSE Prague
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Lightning lizards

Lightning talks at SUSE Prague.

Hey, SUSE hacker! Come and enjoy awesome lightning talks at our Prague office. Every month's last Tuesday, 17:00 - 18:00 CET. Want to get notified in advance about the speakers and topics? Send an email to jkrupa at SUSE domain.


The next show is October 19th 2015, 17:00 in the Orange conf room.


  • jmatejka: Inteligentlly Designed Null
  • You?

For past talks, take a look here.


Want to be a speaker? Great! The range of topics is pretty broad and a five minute time box makes this a good opportunity to participate even for newcomers

  • so don't hesitate to submit a proposal. Here are the steps to sign up:

    1. Fork the lightning lizards repository
    2. Edit the - add your name and topic to the list. Where you put yourself into the list is imporant, it will be the order of speakers.
    3. Run make to update the online page.
    4. Commit the changes and open a pull request against the gh-pages branch.
    5. Take a look at talk and the stage sections. Making yourself familiar with the environment and the setup in advance might make your talk a bit less stressful for you.

You can use the same channel if you have feedback, liked a particular topic, or want us to improve something - feel free to create a GitHub issue or a pull request.

We accept external speakers as well, so if you don't work for SUSE, but would still like to speak, or if you want to invite someone, feel free to do that!


  • Toy apps, demos, pet projects, startup pitches
  • Productivity hacks (scripts, aliases, workflow, email, editor hacks)
  • Research papers / books
  • Debugging / bugs
  • HW hacking
  • Sociology, hacktivism, human rights
  • UX/Design, computer-human interaction
  • Testing, reliability, post mortems
  • Systems


  • ~30min - 6 lightning talks per session
  • ~30min - chat & cookies


  • English preferred, but Czech is cool too, if you're not comfortable w/ your English.
  • Please send in the slides at least 4 hours in advance, so we can download them before the talks start and check they display OK (hint: more contrast is better).
  • 1 minute for preparation, 4 minutes talk. This is optimal, but not a hard limit, though.
  • After the presentation, please publish your slides and send us a link, or send a pull request.
  • Talks will be recorded. If you don't want the recording of your talk to be published, please let us know.



  • Hand held wireless microphone.
  • A laptop w/ OpenSUSE linux and connectivity will be provided (LibreOffice, PDFs, HTML presentations). The laptop is connected to a video mixer, so it is not (yet) possible to bring your own computer.
  • Conf room ~ 20 people capacity.

Stage map

Orange conf room stage map

Past talks

June 30th 2015

  • jmatejka: User Defined Types in Haskell from Python programmer's point of view
  • tchatzimichos: Lightweight password storage and management set of tools
  • jkrupa: Quick overview of ESP8266 SoC
  • mmarek: Photos of Exchange program trip to Beijing

May 26th 2015

  • Skipped tue to missing/broken recording equipment

Apr 28th 2015

  • Skipped due to the upcoming openSUSE conference

Mar 31th 2015

  • rneuhauser: haveopt - GNU-style long options in POSIX shells without GNU getopt
  • jreidinger: web server to see and download content of squid cache
  • bkutil: you are not so smart - a celebration of self-delusion (a book review)
  • jreidinger: Exchange program in Provo (including photos)

Feb 26th 2015

  • jmatejka: Functional purity of Haskell
  • jkrupa: demo of VoCore cheap and tiny open hardware computer
  • littleli: to achieve hollywood principle with mobile apps and publicly available data
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