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-Welcome to the micropolis wiki!
+Welcome to the wiki for my fork of Micropolis!
+Since the [official Micropolis project]( on Google Code was mostly idle, and the Python/GTK+ Micropolis interface project was left in only a vaguely playable state, I set decided to create a fork on GitHub and continue the work, albeit in my own direction.
+My direction for the Micropolis interface is quite different than the direction the official Python/GTK+ Micropolis was going. The official interface is rather experimental - tool selection is done with a pie menu and all of the administrative/control functions are accessed with a tabbed interface. Although I'm keeping the pie menu intact for now, I'm in the process of replacing most of the tabs in the tabbed interface with a menu/dialog system like those in micropolis-activity (the old Micropolis interface, which is essentially the same as the X11 version of SimCity for UNIX) and SimCity for Windows, both of which are usable interfaces to the game. The tabbed interface makes it easy to lose track of the city budget, for example, which is disastrous in Micropolis. With a dialog-based approach, the city budget can be made to appear at the end of each year for adjustments, which is what happened in all of the original interfaces for SimCity.
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