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* OpenBOR -
* -----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Licensed under the BSD license, see LICENSE in OpenBOR root for details.
* Copyright (c) 2004 - 2010 OpenBOR Team
* This is the parser for the script preprocessor. Its purpose is to emit the
* preprocessed source code for use by scriptlib. It is not derived from the
* parser in scriptlib because it does something entirely different.
* @author Plombo
* @date 15 October 2010
#ifndef PP_PARSER_H
#define PP_PARSER_H
#include "pp_lexer.h"
#include "types.h"
#include "openborscript.h"
typedef struct pp_parser {
Script* script;
pp_lexer lexer;
char* filename;
char* sourceCode;
bool slashComment;
bool starComment;
bool newline;
} pp_parser;
// FIXME: nothing outside of pp_parser has any business accessing the token buffer
extern char* tokens;
void pp_parser_init(pp_parser* self, Script* script, char* filename, char* sourceCode);
void pp_parser_reset();
void pp_error(pp_parser* self, char* format, ...);
void pp_parser_parse(pp_parser* self);
void pp_parser_parse_directive(pp_parser* self);
void pp_parser_include(pp_parser* self, char* filename);
void pp_parser_conditional(pp_parser* self, PP_TOKEN_TYPE directive);
bool pp_parser_eval_conditional(pp_parser* self, PP_TOKEN_TYPE directive);
void pp_parser_insert_macro(pp_parser* self, char* name);