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Improved automatic compressed file detection in U8 archives.

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1 parent 1fa43a1 commit 92189b3dbe8a48ae5ddda07dfe24bf75559ca2c2 @Plombo committed Jan 26, 2011
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@@ -116,7 +116,8 @@ def getfile(self, path):
# finds a file with the given name, accounting for compression prefixes like "LZ77", "Huf8", etc.
def findfile(self, name):
for f in self.files:
- if in (name, "LZ77"+name, "Huf8"+name, "LZH8"+name): return
+ names = (name, "LZ77"+name, "LZ77_"+name, "Huf8"+name, "Huf8_"+name, "LZH8"+name, "LZH8_"+name)
+ if in names: return
return None
def extract(self, dest):

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