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Conference Registration Module for Plone Conference
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This package adds support to register users for things.


  • The page workflow to add/remove and go back and update is really rough and needs updating
  • on install, add folders and mark interfaces where needed
  • Remove [read:hide] Food option
  • Ask about people bringing families and if they would be interested in a set of coordinated activities for them (# of kids too?)
  • update badge types
  • needs to use server configure with mailhost and not netsights url
  • Can we pull ploneorg user information into the registration form? to prefill?
  • don't need subtotal/tax in carts
  • Items in cart should have attendee name but now its empty

TODO (at some point - low priority)

  • seems like the conference registration email should be sent after payment confirmation?
  • Put conference year configuration in something more sane, or at least just add a control panel.
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