Enable the power of Location Based Notifications provided by the Plot plugin in your Xamarin apps
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Plot Xamarin Plugin

Add location based notifications to your Xamarin project easily.

Supported platforms

This plugins supports both IOS 10 or newer, and Android 2.3 or newer.

Tested under Xamarin Studio 6.1.1.

Integration and configuration

You can find the integration guide at our website: https://www.plotprojects.com/documentation/#xamarin-integration

Additional settings are possible using the configuration file, an example is shown below. The publicToken and enableOnFirstRun fields are required, the notificationSmallIcon, notificationAccentColor and askPermissionAgainAfterDays options are Android only, the maxRegionsMonitored is an iOS only setting.

Information about these settings can be found in our extensive documentation, in chapter 1.4: https://www.plotprojects.com/documentation#ConfigurationFile

  "publicToken": "REPLACE_ME",
  "enableOnFirstRun": true,
  "notificationSmallIcon": "ic_mood_white_24dp",
  "notificationAccentColor": "#01579B",
  "askPermissionAgainAfterDays": 3,
  "maxRegionsMonitored": 20

Function Reference

PlotProjects.Plugin.Plot (Class)

public static IPlot GetInstance(Android.Content.Context) Android only

Gets the Plot interface.

public static IPlot GetInstance(Android.App.Activity) Android only

Gets the Plot interface.

public static GetInstance(Foundation.NSDictionary launchOptions,System.Boolean debug) iOS only

Gets the Plot interface.

public static void PlotProjects.Plugin.Plot.MailDebugLog

Mails the debug log. Only works when, on Android the debug meta-data property of the PlotService is set to true, or on iOS the debug parameter of GetInstance was set to true.

PlotProjects.Plugin.Abstractions.IPlot (Interface)

You can get an instance of this class by calling Plot.GetInstance(…). You shouldn't implement this class yourself.

public void Enable()

Enable the Plot library. It will remember this between sessions.

public void Disable()

Disable the Plot library. It will remember this between sessions.

public string Version

Gets the current version number of the Plot library backing this plugin.

More information

Website: https://www.plotprojects.com/

Documentation: https://www.plotprojects.com/documentation


The source files included in the repository are released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. The Plot Projects library is available under its own terms and conditions.