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Utilities for Pen Plotter Enthusiasts and Generative Artists
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Penplot Playground


What is this?

This is a set of utilities that @danisaza and @cjhveal built on top of @mattdesl's incredible penplot library.

This code got some recent interest at an art show, so we're uploading it in hopes that others will play around with it.

The repository features tools for working with l-systems. You'll also find example code for using these, including @cjhveal's implementation of the P3 Penrose Tiling.

Check out the Penplot repo on @mattdesl's github for details on how to run the code and save the output as an SVG.

Printing on your Plotter Machine

If you own an AxiDraw v3, you can print these SVGs using Inkscape. @danisaza wrote a line de-duplication utility, which drastically reduces the plotting time.

Watch It Go

Watch a plotter machine draw the P3 Penrose Tiling, and read @danisaza's description of the tiling and the system used to generate it.

Then, check out how much faster the plotter is when line de-duplication is performed.


First Example Plot

Second Example Plot

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