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IF Discord guild

This framework works for Minecraft versions 1.8.8-1.16

Original groupId com.github.stefvanschie.inventoryframework New groupId due to avoiding conflicts plugily.projects.inventoryframework Huge thanks to for creating the inventory framework

Changes to original:

  • Works with legacy versions

An inventory framework for managing GUIs

This framework is based on a pane principle. This means that the GUI is divided into different types of panes which all behave differently. A GUI consists of multiple panes which can interact with each other.

Next to those panes, GUIs can also be created from XML files by simple loading them in. This allows for easy GUI creation with little code.

Maven dependency

To add this project as a dependency to your pom.xml, add the following to your pom.xml:


The project is in the Central Repository, so specifying a repository is not needed.

Now in order to shade the project into your project, add the following to your pom.xml:

                <shadedPattern>[YOUR PACKAGE].inventoryframework</shadedPattern>

Replace [YOUR PACKAGE] with the top-level package of your project.

Gradle dependency

To add this project as a dependency for your Gradle project, make sure your dependencies section of your build.gradle looks like the following:

dependencies {
    compile 'plugily.projects.inventoryframework:IF:0.9.8'
    // ...

The project is in Maven Central, so ensure your repositories section resembles the following:

repositories {
    // ...

In order to include the project in your own project, you will need to use the shadowJar plugin. If you don't have it already, add the following to the top of your file:

apply plugin: 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow'

To relocate the project's classes to your own namespace, add the following, with [YOUR PACKAGE] being the top-level package of your project:

shadowJar {
    relocate 'plugily.projects.inventoryframework', '[YOUR PACKAGE].inventoryframework'

Building from source

If you want to build this project from source, run the following from Git Bash:

git clone
cd IF
mvn clean package

The build can then be found in /IF/target/.


An inventory framework for managing GUIs



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