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The official Cinema 4D Python examples


This repository contains plugins, scripts and scene files which demonstrates the use of Python in different contexts of Cinema 4D.


The version marked in the filename/folder, describe the minimal version needed e.g. means the script/plugin/scene work from R17 (included) to the current available Cinema 4D version.

To retrieve a Python SDK example sets matching a Cinema 4D release, use Github Releases.


This folder contains plugins that should be placed in the plugin folder.


This folder contains scenes which embed Python usage in a different context.


This folder contains scripts that should be used in the Script Manager.


Plugin developers find all resources on the Development Support blog.

Additional developer support is provided on the Plugin Café support forum. This forum is also used to report feedbacks and issues about the documentation.

For more information about developer support see How to get Support.

If your project is under NDA, or you need to address the support team directly, please email for further assistance.


Codes provided in this github repository is under the Apache 2.0 License. See License.