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ERC20 PlusUltra Token PUL
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Contract Code


ERC20 PlusUltra Token PUL

Read Contract Information

  1. name PlusUltra Token string
  2. totalSupply 20000000 uint256
  3. decimals 2 uint8
  4. _totalSupply 20000000 uint256
  5. balanceOf
    balance uint256
  6. owner 0x7766142147abe6c3994caf8a92e2d25579b5d45d address
  7. symbol PUL string
  8. safeSub ,
    c uint256
  9. safeDiv ,
    c uint256
  10. safeMul ,
    c uint256
  11. newOwner 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address
  12. allowance ,
    remaining uint256
  13. safeAdd ,
    c uint256

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