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A friendly framework for creating spatial-first, multi-user WebXR apps

Sandcastle Samples



Run npm init sandcastle NAMEOFPROJECT OR npx create-sandcastle NAMEOFPROJECT, where NAMEOFPROJECT is your desired project name.

This will automatically:

  1. clone this repo into a new folder of that name
  2. install Sandcastle's dependencies
  3. remove the .git repo
  4. launch the dev server and
  5. open the default scene (located at ./src/examples/defaultScene.js) in your browser.

Development & Building

  • npm start will launch the dev server and open the sample scene.

  • npm run build will process and build your project into a dist folder.

  • npm run build-xrpk will npm build, then create an XR Package in dist. (Note that this script runs an interactive CLI for details about the various aspects of your XR Package.)

  • npm run dev-xrpk will do the same but output an unminified, source-mapped XR Package to help you debug your XR Package in your runtime of choice (we recommend Chimera). Please note the resulting .wbn file size will be very large - don't use this in production!

Learning Resources

  • Check out the Wiki for a closer look at Sandcastle's Networking API, Physics API, event handling and state management, asset pipelines and more.

  • See the examples folder for usage examples of networking, media streaming, physics, AR-in-VR experiences and more.

This project is in pre-alpha and currently undergoes daily work. Is something broken or unclear? Please file an issue!


a friendly, powerful WebXR prototyping engine







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