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A simple python wrapper for the Launch Library web API. Can also be used asynchronously too.

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Available models: Agency, AgencyType, Launch, Launch Status, Pad, Location, Rocket, RocketFamily

The usage of the API is simple.


Proper documentation is available in Read The Docs.

To install, simply use pip: pip install python-launch-library

# Import the launchlibrary lib
import launchlibrary as ll

# Create an instance of the API
api = ll.Api()  # You can also specify api url, api version...

# And request the next 5 launches, for example.
launches = ll.Launch.fetch(api, next=5) # Any argument after "api" is not constrained (w/ kwargs).
# ^ Returns a list of launch objects.

# You can fetch the pythonic property names by using launch.param_names
properties = launches[0].param_names


  • Tidy up the repository
  • Add exceptions to handle server timeout
  • Handle nested models (i.e. a Pad model inside a Location model inside a Launch model)
  • Handle times with the datetime class
  • Package properly and upload to PyPI
  • Add more abstraction methods for the api calls (open to suggestions)
  • Add magic method comparisons (open to suggestions)
  • Asynchronous operation
  • Add tests
  • Your suggestion here

Feel free to open issues and pull requests! I usually check Github daily.